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Having your license in suspended status will affect the insurance, some will not even insure until the license is reinstated - but the reason it was suspended will not affect your insurance due to the fact that it was not a movingviolations.

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The temporary withdrawal of a persons license and driving privileges is known as suspension. The drivers license is taken for a period of time for minor infractions such as driving without insurance. License suspension differs from revocation in the respect that you are able to get your license back.

If you get twelve points on your driving record in a two year period your driving privileges can be suspended for up to six months. This can make it difficult, but not impossible to get insurance. It will most likely raise the cost though.

his driving privileges, phone priviliges, life priviliges in general.

This would depend on where you were and how much "weed" you had in your possession. In most states, possession of less than an ounce (27 grams) of marijuana is a very low-level offense for which you can be issued a citation to appear in court, but not physically arrested. You could be physically arrested if you were in a state that had stiffer penalties for possession of marijuana, had more than the law considered "personal use," were driving while smoking or while under the influence of marijuana, or didn't have identification in your possession. The officer has to have positive identification before he can issue a citation.

== == you lose driving privileges until ur 18. and you pay a fine you lose driving privileges until ur 18. and you pay a fine

You get arrested and your driving privileges get suspended.

Initially you undergo a period of suspension of your driving privileges. If you continue to be a repeat offender you will eventually have your driving privileges revoked. NOTE: Even if you change your state of residecne, once your driving privileges are suspended or revoked on one state they are suspended or revoked in ALL states.

Fines, jail time, forfeiture of driving privileges.

In the UK if you are convicted you lose ALL driving privileges.

bad things <><><> You may have to pay a fine, or go to court. If the citation was for driving, it may result in loss of your driving privileges, or limits on them- and the cost of your insurance may go up. As the prior poster said- bad things.

If driving high you can. If driving while possessing weed you can. It pretty much comes down to if you are doing anything involving driving and marijuana you can loose it.

Pay what you owe and negotiate with an insurance broker for the best company and deal. Since you have repaid your debt and you had no moving violations or accidents this should be easy.

I'm not sure, but driving without insurance is STUPID, and DANGEROUS!

Marijuana is not legal in Australia, and driving under the influence of marijuana carries severe penalties.

Talk to the judge that made that judgment. Try to work with the system to see what they want you to do. Maybe it will be a defensive driving course. Maybe it will be some kind of assurance that you have insurance. Maybe you will have to report to a parole officer. Whatever it takes it will be best if you work within the system to get your drivers privileges back. Be humble without being spinless, let the judge know that you want to work things out and that you'll follow his requirments.

Marijuana inhibits the problem solving and memory areas of the brain. It also slows down the speed at which you think, similarly to drinking. When driving, problem solving skills are a must. Driving under the influence of marijuana holds the same penalties as drink driving.

If the car you are driving is insured then you are not driving without insurance.

This will depend on whether the minor was driving a car. A minor in possession of alcohol offense, albeit illegal, in itself does not affect auto insurance rates. If the minor was driving a vehicle and had an open container of any alcoholic beverages, then this is a separate offense of violating the open container law in that jurisdiction: all states and counties have that type of law. It too does not have an impact on auto insurance rates, per se. But, if the minor was drinking alcohol while driving and is intoxicated because of such, then we have the more serious offense of driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages. Of course, this will have a significant impact on auto insurance rates, especially for the underaged drinker when he gets his own car insurance. However, it will not have affect on the auto insurance of another person if he agrees to take off the underaged drinker of the list of drivers of his vehicle.

She has been arrested for driving under the influence, criminal possession of marijuana, attempted tampering with evidence, and reckless endangerment.In April 2012, she was arrested and charged with driving under the influence after side-swiping a police car in West Hollywood. On May 23, 2013, Bynes was arrested at her home in Manhattan for criminal possession of marijuana, attempted tampering with evidence, and reckless endangerment. Bynes was arrested on September 28, 2014, for her second DUI.Yes but the DUI is fake

You are financially responsible for loss experienced by the damaged party. If you are unable to pay for the damages you may loose driving privileges and/or be taken to court in an attempt to recover damages.

how does maijuana affect you when you are driving? when driving it can distracts your attention by bringing in funny ideas.

It depends on the state, however, the general rule is, that if you are the registered owner of a vehicle and have your keys in your possession, yes, you may be ticketed for not having insurance and/or driving license. It is called intend to drive.

Yes, you can buy auto insurance with an international driving permit.

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