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Pre-cum is the clear liquid at the head of his penis when he is turned on. It usually seeps out on a continuous basis until he has an orgasm. Pre-cum is similar, in a way, to your vaginal wetness.

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Q: Can a male pre-ejaculate more than once during sex or is it just a one time thing until after they ejaculate?
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Why doesn't a man ejaculate during sex?

So that he can please the woman until she orgasms before he does.

How do you make your man ejaculate late?

stroke you man's penis until he is about to ejaculate until he is about to orgasm then very slowly stroke his penis.doing this will make him ejaculate even better

How do you make him ejaculate?

Rub his penis until he does.

How many times does pre-ejaculate occur during intercourse?

It should be a more or less steady flow until climax. Amounts vary with the guy.

What must do to sperm come out?

You have to be sexually stimulated, by you or someone else, until you ejaculate.

Is it a good thing to make your girl ejaculate first?

Yes, it is a good thing to make your girlfriend or wife to reach orgasm first. It typically takes a woman much longer to reach orgasm, so if you hold back until she is satisfied, it will likely make her feel better. If you hurry up and ejaculate, you might not be motivated to help her reach orgasm.

How to identify that woman is ejaculating during sex?

a man does not ejaculate to satisfy a woman. Ideally "IF" you were able to control yourself that much then you should wait until the woman has climaxed, because once you ejaculate you will lose your erection, and to satisfy her you would have use other means to "satisfy" her (manual stimulation)

Can you make yourself spurm?

Yes, but only if you are male and have not been castrated. You will have to ejaculate until you sperm.

How does astronauts go to the restroom?

put their penis in a whole. it gives them an erection and wanks them until they ejaculate

Do you have to ejaculate semen after haven an erection and pre-ejaculation?

You don't HAVE TO, but that's what often happens - for example, if you got the erection and pre-ejaculation because you were masturbating, then it is likely that you will continue until you ejaculate.

When does a guy pre-ejaculate and can it come out at any time?

A guy precums at about the same time that his partner begins to get wet. Precum is not a one time thing. It is a constant fluid that seeps out of his penis until he cums. YES

What does super soak that mean?

To ejaculate all over a girl's butt or on her face until she's covered with it.

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