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Pre-cum is the clear liquid at the head of his penis when he is turned on. It usually seeps out on a continuous basis until he has an orgasm. Pre-cum is similar, in a way, to your vaginal wetness.

2011-09-12 14:51:57
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How do you make your man ejaculate late?

stroke you man's penis until he is about to ejaculate until he is about to orgasm then very slowly stroke his penis.doing this will make him ejaculate even better

How do you make him ejaculate?

Rub his penis until he does.

When do you pre-ejaculate?

Varies with the guy and it is an ongoing process, not a one time thing like climax. It can start as soon as he starts to get arounsed and continue until climax. Amount may vary start to finish and be different each time depending on the level of arousal.

Is it a good thing to make your girl ejaculate first?

Yes, it is a good thing to make your girlfriend or wife to reach orgasm first. It typically takes a woman much longer to reach orgasm, so if you hold back until she is satisfied, it will likely make her feel better. If you hurry up and ejaculate, you might not be motivated to help her reach orgasm.

What must do to sperm come out?

You have to be sexually stimulated, by you or someone else, until you ejaculate.

Will you get pregnant if your boyfriend put his penis in you for a second and did not ejacualte and it was one week after your period?

most likely, no, you probably didn't ovulate until 2 weeks after your period. Plus he would atleast need to preejaculate anyway.

How does astronauts go to the restroom?

put their penis in a whole. it gives them an erection and wanks them until they ejaculate

Can you make yourself spurm?

Yes, but only if you are male and have not been castrated. You will have to ejaculate until you sperm.

Do you have to ejaculate semen after haven an erection and pre-ejaculation?

You don't HAVE TO, but that's what often happens - for example, if you got the erection and pre-ejaculation because you were masturbating, then it is likely that you will continue until you ejaculate.

When does a guy pre-ejaculate and can it come out at any time?

A guy precums at about the same time that his partner begins to get wet. Precum is not a one time thing. It is a constant fluid that seeps out of his penis until he cums. YES

Is it bad to have no semen come out of your penis during puberty?

No, its completely natural. Some people dont ejaculate semen until 20. It is rare, but it may happen to about 55% of normal people. Its perfectly natural no worries.

How do you make yourself ejaculate I'm a guy?

masturbate. just experiment and touch penis, stroke it until you come. its kind of a self learned process i recommend you ejaculate in the shower by the way easy clean up.

What does ill jerk you off mean?

This means "I will perform manual stimulation on your penis until you reach orgasm and ejaculate".

Can pre-ejaculate fluid penetrate your boxers?

Yes, but sperm won't go through until they are saturated (as wet as they can get.)

If you ejaculate in a women and she pregnant what will happen?

Nothing changes, as she is pregnant already, she cant get pregnant again until after the child is born.

Can a two year old get a 11 year old pregnant?

No. Boys do not start producing viable ejaculate until puberty

How do you rub your penis?

make a hole with ur hand and put it over the penis. Move ur hand up and down until you ejaculate

How can a person that hasn't gone through puberty have semen?

They will not be able to produce Semen in an ejaculation until Puberty has begun. If they can manage to ejaculate then they have begun puberty.

How do you masterburate?

You don't. Masterburate isn't a word. The word you were most likely thinking of is masturbate. In order to masturbate, become aroused and begin to rub your penis until you ejaculate Mostly you should rub your penis at the tip a long time so you can ejaculate faster. or think about your mum

When does sperm get out of you?

Sperm gets out of you if you are masturbating or having sex. When you have sex and don't want to have a child, use a condom. If you do want a child, just have sex until you ejaculate your sperm.

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They can see quite well during the afternoon...I was chased by one yesterday afternoon until I got my handgun and shot the thing. It had rabies.

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How do you get sperm to come out of penis?

By rubbing it up and down whilst holding your finger over the hole until you can feel it then take your finger away and squeeze the penis. It should ejaculate