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What GPA does a student need to get into National Honor Society?


What is the contribution of student in the society?

As a student, we should first of all greet our National freedom fighters. they all have scarified their blood to get this country from the hands of the British.

When was Student Society in Trondheim created?

Student Society in Trondheim was created in 1910.

Are student loans becoming the next economic bubble?

Yes, I believe student loans are becoming the next economic bubble.

When was Simon Fraser Student Society created?

Simon Fraser Student Society was created in 1967.

When was Norwegian Student Choral Society created?

Norwegian Student Choral Society was created in 1845.

What is the role of a student in society?

The role of a student in society includes being responsible to study and learn. They bring new ideas and enthusiasm to society.

What has the author Hilary Callan written?

Hilary Callan has written: 'Ethology and society' -- subject(s): Sociology, Social behavior in animals 'Ethnology and society' -- subject(s): Anthropology, Sociology 'Student flow and national policy in the European Community' -- subject(s): Statistics, Student mobility, Student exchange programs, Education

When was Student National Medical Association created?

Student National Medical Association was created in 1964.

When was National Student Nurses' Association created?

National Student Nurses' Association was created in 1952.

Role of a student in national development?

for a nation a student is everything

Becoming a disaster manager -the role of student?

no thanks

What is National Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization's motto?

The motto of National Postsecondary Agricultural Student Organization is 'Uniting Education & Industry in Agriculture'.

What is prospect of becoming a manager?

At least he must be commerce graduate student

National average cost per student in public school?

$8,626 per student.

How many student officers serve the national ffa?

I believe my Prin. of Ag. teacher said there are 7 national student officers in the country. I may be wrong...

What things did Napoleon do before becoming leader of France?

He was a student and then an Army officer.

How can you get in to the national honor society?

This is the same as another answer. I thought it was well written, and is the answer to the same question on another post."The National Honor Society is a very prestigious club to be inducted into. In order to first be considered a student, usually high school junior but sometimes senior, must have a very high GPA os 95.00 (weighted) or 3.9, depending on how your school does it. After this a student will receive an application in which extracurriculars, leadership, and volunteer service must be clearly documented proving that you are a very well rounded student with high potential. If you have a goal of getting into NHS I highly suggest you start building up your leadership abilities and extracurriculars soon so there will be no discrepancy come application time. Good luck!"Previous answer:can you be denied acceptance into the National Honor Society if you had a baby

Which of these is not part of the great society?

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Comitee

What did Benjamin Banneker do for the society?

I don't know A 3rd grade student I don't know A 3rd grade student

What is the role of student in national integration?

backbone of nation

Where did Chris Brown work before becoming famous?

Chris Brown was a student at Essex County High School in Virginia, before becoming famous.

What does ron ask for to celebrate becoming a n e w t student?


What is the limit a WA resident can have their Social Security Disability be garnished for a defaulted student loan?

The lenders of Government insured student loans are given special consideration that virtually guarantees they will get paid. (Like it can't be dismissed in bankruptcy).

What is the answer to the daily jumble puzzle for August 2 2013?

A student had the idea that they should get out of school early, but the teacher... answer: DISMISSED IT (sushi, humid, sleigh, oddest)

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