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Yes. It's done ALL the time. You can leave it for the children (adult) you can put it into a trust. You can leave it to a business partner to fund a buy sell agreement.

That said, the primary factor to keep in mind is that the beneficiary must have an insurable interest in the life of the person insured. Essentially, this means that the beneficiary must have a "stake" in the continued life of the insured. This can be financial (such as a child dependent upon support, or even a business partner). The insurable interest can also be based upon "love and affection", and to that extent, a parent may be the beneficiary. There are other permutations of "insurable interest" that are defined by statute and interpretative case law. Insurance company underwriting guidelines also often address it.

All of that said, the insurable interest must exist at the inception of the policy. If the relationship between the parties subsequently changes (such as a divorce), the efficacy of the beneficiary designation will not change as long as the insurable interest existed when the policy was issued.

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Q: Can a man be married and buy life insurance and put someone other than his wife as a beneficiary?
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Can someone other than the owner of a life insurance policy change the beneficiary?

You might wanna check the company of life insurance you have but i think they can't.

Is wife heir of a life insurance when the beneficiary and the insured dies?

If your wife dies and she has an insurance policy with someone other than you as a beneficiary, then chances are the contingent beneficiary will receive the life insurance payment. Naming at least one contingent beneficiary on a life insurance policy will help ensure that the insurance benefits are not tied up in courts. If you don't name a contingent beneficiary, a line of descendants may be followed, depending on your state or country. You should probably speak with a life insurance agent to get answers to your specific question as it pertains to your country and state.

How can the insurance co make a payment to someone else if you are the beneficiary of a life ins?

A life insurance policy has an owner, who is the person who is buying the insurance, as well as a designated beneficiary. Some kinds of life insurance, called whole life, have value as an investment and can be cashed out by the owner if he or she so desires (unlike term life which has only a death benefit and no cash value prior to the death of the insured). Now, you haven't said who this other person is who has received a payment from the insurance company. If it is someone other than either the policy owner or the beneficiary, the only other scenario I can imagine is that someone filed a lawsuit claiming that there was some kind of fraud going on, and that he (or she) is the actual owner or beneficiary of the policy, and not you. If the judge agrees, then the insurance company must comply.

What is the beneficiary position on a life insurance policy of someone who is dying?

The beneficiary position is that they will receive the proceeds of the life insurance policy after the death of the insured. Until the death they have no other "position". After the death they must file a claim by contacting the company and following their instructions.

What happens if both primary and secondary beneficiary die. Second beneficiary had approved power of attorney to another sibling - what happens then?

A Power of Attorney expires when the principal dies.As for the other queries about what happens when a beneficiary dies you haven't explained what type of beneficiary: life insurance, estate or trust?A Power of Attorney expires when the principal dies.As for the other queries about what happens when a beneficiary dies you haven't explained what type of beneficiary: life insurance, estate or trust?A Power of Attorney expires when the principal dies.As for the other queries about what happens when a beneficiary dies you haven't explained what type of beneficiary: life insurance, estate or trust?A Power of Attorney expires when the principal dies.As for the other queries about what happens when a beneficiary dies you haven't explained what type of beneficiary: life insurance, estate or trust?

Can someone other than the beneficiary forge a signature to receive payment from the insurance company?

No, that person would be charged with both fraud and forgery and be sent to jail. The only legal way someone other that the beneficiary can sign for a payment is if the benificiary is declared incompetant and a court assigns the signing authority to that person or the beneficiary voluntarily signs legal documentation giving someone else that right

Can husband collect life insurance if wife dies unexpectedly?

If the husband was the named beneficiary of the policy, if the policy was in force at the time of death, and if the cause of death was not excluded by the policy, the general answer is "Yes". If the beneficiary was the estate of the wife, the proceeds are paid to the estate. Then, if the husband was a beneficiary of the estate (either by virtue of a Will naming him as beneficiary, or if no Will, through the laws of intestate succession), he may be entitled to all or a part of the insurance proceeds. If the beneficiary of the life insurance policy was someone other than the husband as of the time of the wife's death, proceeds are payable to that person.

Is life insurance part of the estate?

If life insurance is payable to a beneficiary other than "the estate of ...[the decedent]", proceeds are payable directly to the named beneficiary and do not normally become part of the estate. However, if the designation of beneficiary of the life insurance policy is the estate of the decedent, proceeds do usually become part of the estate.

Can a wife have some other than her husband be her life insurance beneficiary in the state of ct?

Sure. The owner of the policy is the only person that can decide who the beneficiary of the life insurance policy is. The owner can also change the beneficiary whenever they want to. This should be standard in every state.

Does Iowa allow ex wife to collect life insurance if they are the beneficiary and the dead spouse had remarried?

Life insurance is usually governed by beneficiary information on the policy. In other words, whoever the beneficiary is on the policy will the one to collect. You may want to consult a local lawyer to confirm this.

Can other immediate family members change the beneficiary of a life insurance plicy?

Immediate family members would not be able to change someone's life insurance beneficiary without power of attorney. The life insurance policy is a legally recognized document signed by the owner with a designated recipient.

What does the word beneficiary mean?

The beneficiary is the person who receives the proceeds from a life insurance policy upon the death of the insured person. In law, a beneficiary is one who is designated to receive something as a result of a legal arrangement or instrument. For example, a person may be the beneficiary of a will, trust, bank account, investment account or life insurance policy. On the other hand, a church, charitable organization, school, college, cemetery association, public television, hospital, museum, etc., could also be a beneficiary of a will, trust, account or insurance policy.

What if you are not in your Fathers will but am a beneficiary of a life insurance policy?

Then you will receive whatever the life insurance policy states. These are two separate issues / documents and have nothing to do with each other.

Is the beneficiary of a life insurance policy responsible for the deceased credit card debt?

Not that I know of.. What does one thing have to do with the other?

Can your brothers wife keep proceeds from insurance policy as executor of his will?

If the estate is listed as the beneficiary of the policy, the executor is bound to follow the wishes of the deceased, in which case the proceeds would go to the "residuary legatee" if no other claim is made on it in the will. If the insurance policy names your brother's wife as the beneficiary, then it goes directly to her and is not part of the estate; in fact, if the beneficiary is not the estate, it should go directly to the beneficiary in any event.

Does a life insurance company have to inform benefitcary of insurance policey?

No. You can usually change your beneficiary anytime you want and they do not receive any notice that they are named as beneficiary. If you want to make sure the beneficiary knows there is a policy when you die make sure you keep a copy of the policy with your other important files or include the details in a will. Most insurance companies don't know a client has died until their family calls to report the death

What is life insurance spouse rider beneficiary?

Life insurance policies are extremely flexible. For instance if you have a policy on someone there can also be added to this policy a rider to provide term life insurance to cover the spouse and children if desired. Putting this all on one policy saves some money by having only one policy fee instead of several. The term riders would have a designated beneficiary just like the primary policy on the other spouse. Usually they would be each other but they don't have to be.

What happens if you find additional insurance policies where beneficary listed is absolutely excluded in trust?

In order to find a trust with life insurance proceeds the trust must be named as the beneficiary of the insurance policy. Then the trust documents specify what the funds are used for that are in the trust. If there are other life insurance policies that are still active and have other individuals named as the beneficiaries then the money from those policies cannot be placed into the trust and will be paid directly to the current beneficiary listed with the insurance company. The trust will have no claim whatsoever on these policies. It could be that these policies had their beneficiary changed when the trust was set up and the trust is the current beneficiary of them as well and he just didn't put the change form in the policy. Whatever is on record with the insurance company will be the person that the benefits are paid to no matter what.

How do you change insurance beneficiary?

Only the owner of the policy can change the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or make any other changes to the policy. Most of the time the owner and person insured is the same person but not always. The owner is usually the one who paid the premiums. If you are the owner, changing the beneficiary is a simple completion of a change form. Most insurance companies have a change form that has places for several different types of changes on one sheet of paper. After the change in beneficiary is processed the company will send you a certified copy to place in your policy.

What if a spouse dies and you may be a beneficiary to their 401k but you divorced 10 years ago are you still eligble?

IF you are still the beneficiary on file for your ex-spouse then you are legally entitled to that money. If there was an updated beneficiary that lists other people as the beneficiary then you are not. On caveat is if you are listed as the beneficiary and the ex-spouse has a will in place that leaves the account to someone else, then you are not entitled.

Can you sue the insurance agents for giving you the wrong advice on changing beneficiary?

The beneficiary of a life insurance policy is solely up to the policy holder. It's not very likely that the insurance agent would give advise other than to inform the policy holder that they have the right to designate any person they wish as their beneficiary. Although you could certainly sue almost anyone for almost anything, Winning the suit is another matter.

Can a life insurance agent sell insurance to his spouse?

In general he can. The fact that they are married does not, in itself, prevent the transaction. The agent can also be named as the beneficiary. The spouse has an "insurable interest" in the life of the other spouse due to "love and affection". It is important, though, that the insured spouse change the beneficiary in the event of divorce, unless he/she wishes the ex to nonetheless get the proceeds. This is because in general, an insurable interest must exist only at the inception of the policy.

Can insured and beneficiary be same on life insurance?

Well, in practice, I hope you see the problem with this arrangement: by the time it matters who the beneficiary is, the insured is dead. This presents a conundrum. Legally, any property of the deceased ... including, I suppose, life insurance benefits ... would become the property of the deceased's estate, and that would be distributed according to the will and/or relevant law. So it's not an insurmountable problem. It is more often best that the beneficiary be someone other than the insured. Whenever possible, it is best to keep assets out of your estate.

Is anyone other than the policy owner allowed to make beneficiary changes to a life insurance policy?

No. depends on the policy. usually, the answer is no. however, there are exceptions. For instance, someone with the proper power of attorney could. sometimes, a guardian or conservator can.

How to change beneficiary on my life insurance policy?

In case you are not aware, You can nominate more than one person for your life insurance policy. But it is not advisable as at the time of claim, payouts can happen only on 1 name & in such scenario, insurance companies ask for NOC from other nominee. You can change your beneficiary/ nominee by just completing the formalities of the insurance companies, in most of the companies it is a single pager form.