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No one can force anyone to do anything. The person interested in the DNA results can obtain a court order to have DNA testing performed.

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Is Darth Maul Anakin Skywalker's father?

Anakin was born to his mother without a father. Somehow the force made his mother pregnant.

Can a father force you to have a paternity test while pregnant?

No. Paternity testing in utero is very expensive and poses a risk of miscarriage, infection, and premature labor on the mother and child. It's very rare for a court to order it. He however can easily get a court order for testing shortly after birth.

Can court force mother to take toddler to see father in prison?

absolutley not .

What if the father said that he is not the father of the child how can the mother force him to?

Paternity must be established before an order for support is entered. This is done by: genetic testing; presumption, where the parties were married when the child was born/conceived; acknowledgment of paternity either in writing or in open court; default, where the alleged father fails to cooperate in the process.

How can a mother get the father to relinquish his rights to his children?

There isn't really a way to force a father to relinquish his rights to his children. A mother can try to talk him into it, but whether or not it works is up to him.

Can a mother keeps a child away from father and force him to pay child support?

of course not the father if he wanted to can keep seeing his child the mother can not do that it is the fathers child to furthermore the father will have to pay child support no matter what

18 yr pregnant daughter lives with boyfriend in AL wants to move back to AZ with boyfriend to live with her mother Father has custody can mother force father to pay child support?

What I would suggest is to not FORCE him to pay, but at least TRY to TALK HIM INTO IT.

Can a woman force a man into prenatal paternity testing?

No the father needs to consent to the prenatal paternity test under the Human Tissue Act.

How to get a court ordered DNA testing for a inmate if the mother dont want to go after childsupport or its not a custody baddle?

If you are not the father of the child in this case, it would fall upon the mother to make that decision. The mother could happily file a family court issue, and get this resolved but if you are just the boyfriend, non biological component, then your kind of at her mercy in this case. Relatives alone cant force this.

Can a father take the mother of his child to court to give the child his last name?

According to the common law name change (in Massachusetts), if the mother is unmarried, she has say over the child's name. The father can try of course, but I don't believe he can force the mother to change her child's name. I am sure it may also depend on whether the father signed the birth certificate or not.

Can a mother ask a father to give up rights to a child in kentucky?

Of course she can ask but she can not force him to. Only a judge can if he finds reasons for it.

Who are Ted Bundy's parents?

Bundy's mother was Eleanor Louise Cowell (married name Bundy). The name of Bundy's father is not so easily pinned down. His birth certificate names an Air Force veteran Lloyd Marshall. Louise later claimed that was not true and the real father was a sailor named Jack Worthington. Still others speculate that Louise's own father Sam Cowell was the father of her baby. The last may be cleared up with reverse DNA testing.

What are the names of the brothers and sisters of Ted Bundy?

Her mother was an unwed Mother when Ted came to live. Ted's biological father, who was an Air Force veteran, was unknown to his son throughout his life. His mother and his step father added the Bundy family added four other siblings. Those names are unknown for security reasons.

In California does an unmarried mother with no custody agreement allowed to live in another town After 1 year can the father force her to move back?

who can help a unmarried mother in California get legal and physical custody for free

Can mother force child support on father or any family member if underage?

im pretty sure they can but the mother is probably most responsible for the child You might have to go to court unless he pays volentarily.

Who is Darth Vader dad?

Darth Vader, known as Anakin Skywalker in his early life, had no father. He was conceived by the Force itself. His mother was Shmi Skywalker.

Can the father that didnt sign the birth certificate in the child don't have his last name force the mom to take a DNA?

A judge can order DNA testing, even if the "father" signed the birth certificate. BTW, last names are meaningless. see links

Can your parents make you get a test to see who the father of your baby is?

Good question no they can't no one can force anyone to take a perternity test unless its either the mother of the child accusing the father, and the father accusing the mother even then I am almost certain you need the persons consent. As above. They cant, but if you are sure yourself and you have told them who the father is and they don't believe you, it would be a good idea to have one and prove it to them.

What state was the first to centralize its state police force?


What state was the first to centralize it state police force?


Can you choose where you can live at the age of 13 if your mother's boyfriend is abusive?

No, but you can give your opinion. Do you have a father who can file for custody?

Is Darth maul Darth Vaders dad?

No. Anakin Skywalker (who became Darth Vader) doesn't have a father. His mother, Shmi, became pregnant through the midichlorians, a measure of the Force.

Can a father force an unwed mother to give her baby his name in NJ after the birth certificate is already signed and done?

By court order, he can, if he's under a child support order.

What is the force that retards motion?

ignacio zaragoza your mother is the main force of retardation

What is a pre employment testing?

Pre employment testing is a test to see if you are qualified to work at their business. This could mean they are testing your knowledge or that you are drug free. They cant force you but it is legal and they can choose not to give you the job.