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Q: Can a man get HIV from a HIV infected woman?
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Can a man get HIV from a healthy woman?

No; a man can't get HIV from a healthy woman (by healthy I assume you mean HIV free). A woman (or man) can look healthy, but be infected with the virus.

Can eating vagina spread HIV?

Not if the woman is not infected with HIV.

Can you get HIV by putting your finger in a woman that's infected?

It would not be likely to be infected with HIV this way.

If an HIV infected man fingers a woman with semen on his fingers how likely is it she will be infected?

if it's his then you have about 6/10 chance. I hope this didn't happen to you.

Can you get hiv from a man with no prostate?

If he is infected, then yes you can.

Can you get HIV by fingering vagina of HIV infected woman?

No so go all the way.

Is it possible for a pregnant woman to be infected with HIV and the father of her baby will not be infected?

Yes; that is possible.

How does woman's genital look like with AIDS?

There is no difference in looks with a woman infected or not with HIV.

If the HIV infected womens sperm inters in an HIV negative man than is there a chances to transmit HIV virus in HIV negative man?

Women do not have sperm. If you're talking about a woman's vaginal secretions then yes it is possible and does on occasional occur during unprotected intercourse.

Can a man be infected by HIV without emitting semen?

Yes he can.

Risk of passing HIV from a guy to girl?

If the woman is infected with HIV, there is a good risk of passing the virus sexually.

If you swallow the breastfluid or breastmilk of HIV positive woman during oralsex will you get infected with HIV?

Yes, you CAN but it isn't definite

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