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Yes, since antibiotics inhibit the growth of bacteria, and sperm is not bacteria.

Also, if a woman is taking antibiotics AND a Birth Control pill, it can cause the birth control to become ineffective, letting her get pregnant.

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What is a male midwife?

a man taking care of a pregnant woman

Can a man taking anabolic steroids get a woman pregnant?

It depends if the steroids have made him sterile or not.

Is it possible for a woman to get pregnant if a man is taking a coumadin or blood thinner?

I became pregnant while my husband was on coumadin. So I believe the answer to be yes.

Is there really a pregnant man?

The person is in fact a transexual. It is a woman who has not yet had 'the operation'. Her partner is another woman and they have found out that the other woman can't have kids, so this one stopped taking the drugs, got pregnant by a sperm donor and is now pregnant.

Do you have to have a man to get pregnant?

In order for a woman to get pregnant, she must have sperm from a man.

How do you do CPR on a pregnant woman?

Exactly the same as a non-pregnant woman or a man.

What are the symptoms of a man when a woman is pregnant?

Nothing. Men do not have symptoms when a woman is pregnant.

Can a man still get a woman pregnant taking eretion meds?

Yes. You should be using condoms or an effective birth control method if you do not wish to become pregnant.

Who was the first man to get pregnant?

there is no possible way for a man to get pregnant, as a man doesn't have a uterus. if "he" does have a uterus, then "he" is a woman.

Does a man have to be inside for a women to become pregnant?

No. A man does not have to be inside for a woman to get pregnant. There is such thing as a pregnant virgin. If a man ejaculates on a woman, there is a chance that the sperm will travel (even through clothes) and end up in the woman's vagina and fertilizing an egg, causing the woman to get pregnant.

Can an incomplete quadriplegic man who has function of his penis and ejaculating make a woman pregnant?

A man who can ejaculate can make a woman pregnant, regardless of his strength or mobility.

Can a man with one testicle make a woman pregnant?

Yes. A man with one testicle can make a woman pregnant. One testicle still produces thousands of sperm. It takes one sperm to make a woman pregnant.

How do guys get the woman pregnant?

When a man and woman have sex, the guys sperm and the girls eggs come togather and, then your pregnant!!

Can a gay make woman pregnant?

Yes, a gay man can impregnate a woman because a gay man is still a MAN

Can overmastubation man make a woman pregnant?

No amount of masturbation can make a woman pregnant, she can only get pregnant if sperm fuses with an egg cell.

How old is to old for a man to get a woman pregnant?

A man is never too old to get a woman pregnant. Men , unlike women , are fertile from puberty until death.

Can you get pregnant if you hump something?

You can get pregnant by having sex between a man and a woman.

How can you get pregrant?

If a man and a woman have sex and they don't use protection, the woman can get pregnant.

Can a woman that had a sex change to a man get a woman pregnant?

No. can a woman after having sex change have an erection?

What happens if a man sperm goes in pregnant woman?

Nothing. A woman who is already pregnant can not become pregnant again before the current pregnancy resolves.

What are the odds of a man age 50 getting a woman age 47 pregnant?

Yes you can. but, harder for a woman at 47 to get pregnant

Is Jeff hardy pregnant?

no because he is a man not a woman.

Can a sterilised man get a woman pregnant?

If the sterilization was successful then no.

How can a man get a woman pregnant?

Have sex with her without a condom.

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