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Maybe. More likely he can be smitten, reacting to cues that attract him to a woman. True love encompasses another person's whole being, which takes a little more time to get to know. Yes, but what kind of love are you asking about? He can love the way she dresses, love a beautiful smile & yes love simple beauty / nature. I can go to a pear orchard and love all the wonderful trees. Now do I want to plant one in my back yard, Am i willing to relocate and start a fruit farm? Attraction is not love yet the feeling are as strong. So yes we all love and in different ways. We love freedom, we love nature, art, family opposite sex for just being that. Now loving the person as a potential friend or a romatic other at first site.I would have to say no. At least a first conversation would be in order. Imean what if her voice was like a siren. What if you found out she was cruel to animals or didn't care about some of the things that you found to be important (values). Sometimes we dislike others values...still love surpasses those things aswell. But at first site..Ask yourself what are you loving at first site. Perhaps you are in love with an illusion, what that person visually represents. I don't know if I can write a better answer than the last one,but I think usually at first sight or first glance, we fall in love with the illusion of how we think they are...

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Q: Can a man love a woman at first glance?
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