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Umm, not exactly. In order to be in love with another a simple progression must exist. First, acknowledge the other person, make friends with the other person, and if both people have similair likes, dislikes, needs and wants then, and only then can they become in love. Being a person's friend means sharing similair interests and having the same perspective on life. If you are not friends with this person and if this person does not view you as a friend, then the concept of love in this case does not exist. Hope this helped... Viola.

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Q: Can a man love you without being your friend?
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No woman ever hates a man for being in love with her but many woman detest a man for being a friend?

A woman is more likely to detest a man who she loves and he either cheated on her or broke off the relationship breaking her heart rather than a woman detesting a man for being a friend. She may have a friend she loves and he doesn't know it, but most women do not detest the friend they are in love with and would rather be around them on a friendship basis than not being around them at all in hopes he may change his mind about how he feels about her.

How could a woman make a gay man fall in love with her?

She can possibly make him fall in love with her by being his friend, but she will never make him attracted to her.

Can a straight man fall in love with a gay man?

No, although a straight man can love a gay man as a best friend.

What does a man mean if he tells his woman friend that he likes her too much?

Sounds like this man is falling in love with her. Many people don't realize that the most successful relationships are being friends first and then falling in love. Your partner is suppose to be your best friend.

Can a straight man love a gay man?

Yes, a straight man can possibly love a gay man as a friend, but nothing more than that because of the fact his friend is homosexual and he is heterosexual.

How do you say I love you my friend man to another man in Hebrew?

I love you my friend (male to male): aní ohév otchá, chaverí (אני אוהב אותך, חברי)

A man that show love?


Can a woman be in love with her husband and yet be in love with a friend who is a woman?

yes she might be lesbian but be in love with a man too

What do you do when your family and friend tell you to be with a guy who you dont want to be with instead if being with the man you love?

Stay with your true love. He is the one you can relate with the best. You can make your own decisions. Your family has no power over you.

If you are in a relationship with somebody you love but there is no passion is it worth it to stay in the relationship?

It would depend. Some people think that a man (which i assume you are) without passion is a dead man. As a man i think that you need passion in a relationship. If you do not have any passion and are in love it's as if you are just best friends. maybe she just thinks its easier to keep her best friend close if he is also her boyfriend. In the end it is up to you, but what is the emotional love without the physical attraction?

What is a man being a man?

when his love is pure kind and sweet. there are no violence, put downs and adultery. love is patent. and it doesn't hurt. he is being a man when he shows all of the stuff above.

I love my best friends dad what should i do?

For some young women it is normal to have an attraction to a best friend's dad, but, he is married and you are a minor and unfortunately, other than being nice to you your friend's dad is married and in love with his wife and he sees you just as his daughter's best friend. One day you will find a young man your own age that you will fall in love with.

Does Chloe Grace Moretz love Christopher Mintz-Plasse?

No man...its not true..maybe she love him as friend..

Are you gay just because you love another man?

Love is a much overused word. What kind of love? You can love someone of either sex without being in love with them. Big difference. Do you want to have sex with him or just spend time with him? A lot of perfectly straight men would say that they love another man. You are the only one who can answer the question for sure.

How do you do deal with a friend stealing your man?

You don't want a friend who would steal your man; you don't want a man who would go with your friend. Walk away from both of them, and don't look back. Neither is worthy of your energy or your love.

How does a man reciprocate a woman's love if the woman does not love the man?

A man cannot reciprocate a woman's love if the woman does not love the man. The only thing that a many can do is initiate some love gestures like buying coffee and being friendly to the woman.

What does a man mean when he says that your his best friend?

In my experience, when a man says that you are his best friend, he simply meant that i was his best friend...if we were in love he told me that he just wanted to tell me that no matter what happened between us that we would always have a sort of love..even if it meant only as friends.

Where is a gay man who is secretly in love with straight woman?

There is probably no such thing a gay man who is secretly in love with a straight woman, except as the equivalent of a straight man's "man crush" where he really likes the woman as a friend.

What page does the Priest say a man may love god without being satirized for his beliefs in A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway?

pg 71

How long can a man stay away from his wife?

If this man really love his wife, adored his wife, and he don't feel complete without his wife, he will miss her a lot. 48 hours will be the longest he can stand without being with his wife for sure.

How do you get all girls to fall in love with you?

by being the man

Why do man cheat on their previous girl friend?

ANSWER:Because he can and he knows he can get away with it without being seen.

You are still in love with your ex boyfriend but you got a man?

You need to become more independent and learn to be without a man and make it on your own. When you get to the point of feeling free and knowing you don't need a man to get through life then that's the time you are ready for a relationship. You are being selfish and immature by still being in love with your ex, but with a man you don't love and it would be to your best interest to break off the relationship and quit playing games.

What to do when in love with a married man?

I think you should vent to a friend. Think about what your chances are. Think about how he LOVES his wife, and betraying her would not only hurt her, but also the man you love.

What actors and actresses appeared in Paris Without Love - 2010?

The cast of Paris Without Love - 2010 includes: Luke Clarke as Man

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