Citizenship and Marriage

Can a man marry a women who is getting her papers to stay in the us and who is already to a man from the country thay sre from but she does not want to be with him and a man from the usa marry her?

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2009-08-12 14:19:34
2009-08-12 14:19:34

According to US laws, you're not allow to be legally married with 2 men, only with one. So, the woman can't marry the man in the US before she get divorce from the man in her country, IF she is legally married with him . That's what the US law says. Now, I don't know what country is she from, or if it has a national population records. If it doesn't have it means they can't verify her in US and she may get away with the second marriage there, but most likely is not like that and I don't advise her to do this.

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