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Can a man see his wife as a mother figure?

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a man would be able to see his wife as a mother figure if he had an arrange marriage.

if he didnt have an arrange marriage then he would see characteristics of a mother in his wife.

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Is it bad if a woman is infatuated with man but as father figure not as a lover?

Many women see their partners (sexual or not sexual) as a father figure. My wife sees me as a lover, friend, father figure and more. Some men also see their female partners as mother figures!

Why did ancient Egyptian associate mother with protection?

its basic human nature to see your mother as a protective figure

Why does Hamlet call claudius dear mother?

Act 4, Scene 3. Hamlet is being banished from Denmark and sent to England after killing Polonius. King: So is it, if thou knew'st our purposes. Hamlet: I see a cherub that sees them. But come, for England! Farewell, dear mother. King: They loving father, Hamlet. Hamlet: My mother. Father and mother is man and wife, man and wife is one flesh, and so, my mother. Come, for England!

How do you make a epitaph?

You write anything that has to do with a person. You would usually see this on a gravestone: "Loving Mother and Beloved Wife." You write anything that has to do with a person. You would usually see this on a gravestone: "Loving Mother and Beloved Wife."

Who was samsons mother?

Manoah's wife. She is only mentioned as "the woman" and Manoah's wife. See Judges 13 in the Bible for the story of Samson's birth.

What movie is better the dark knight rises or the amazing Spider-Man?

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Who was Bithiah's mother?

See 1 Chronicles 4:18. She was the daughter of an unnamed Pharaoh (ibid), so her mother was whoever the wife of the Pharaoh was.

How do you see the if your wife like woman too?

She's your wife. She is with u, a man. Just ask if she likes woman too.

A deaf man kissed a blind man's wife and a dumb man seen it then how the dumb man tells to that blind man that a deaf man has kissed his wife?

The dumb guy can see..... so he writes it in Braille, so the blind guy can read it..

Why do married man not want their mistress to see other man?

first of all cant you just say wife anyway the reason is because they dont want the wife (mistress) falling in love with another man

Mother of Noah wife of Lamech?

Her name is not given. See the genealogy in Genesis 5:28-31.

Is it legal for a man to live with his wife and girlfriend in the same residence?

I don't see why not, unless your wife doesn't want your girlfriend in the house then it's fine, but why have a girlfriend and a wife?

What is a guy who wants a mother figure for a girlfriend?

A guy who needs to mature and realize that he needs to find a girlfriend, not a mother. If he wants a mother figure, he should check the mother board at church, the elderly women in the hospitals and nursing homes or his aunts or friend's mothers. He needs to see a therapist about this because this could hinder his relationships in the future.

What is the solution to the problem of The Aged Mother?

The relationship between my mother and my wife is very bad, to the extent that my mother does not want to see my wife's face, and she wants us to live on our own, but I am not ready to leave my mother because I am the oldest son in the family. At the same time I do not want to make her angry. Should I divorce my wife?.

What do Hindus pray to Parvati for?

in Hinduism parvati is wife of Lord Shiva.people see her as their mother, they pray for prosperity mainly.

How wife can judge her man loyalty sexually?

Wife can judge this thing by doing several tests. She can see if he is attracted to her anymore. She can also read his body language about the same.

One handicape man kiss a wife of blind man one dumb man see this so how the dumb man told to blind man of this case and how?

He could knock it out on the table in morse code

Who is the falling man of September 11?

It is thought he is 43 year old Jonathan Briley, but it has never been officially identified. Many people, like myself, would prefer not to know or to see such a picture.Johnathan's mother said in an interview:"I hope we're not trying to figure out who this is. Instead, we should figure out who we are, through watching that."

What figure no one can see?

A figure of speech

What if a married man invites you over for drinks when his wife is not home?

if you see a weding ring just say no.

Your son is married and his wife has taken the baby to her mothers house and will not allow your son to see the baby Does your son have to have a court order to see his baby?

well if the father is pressed against charges then he cant see the baby or he will ave to work out somthing with his wife now if he isn't against chrages then he has total right to see his child and then if the wife or the wifes mother continues to not let him see his child then i suggest u take the mother to court or the wife to court and ask the right to see your son/daughter. then if the judge says yes ask the judge to have full parental control over ure son/daughter

Can you leave a hickie on a penis?

Yes, especially on a caucation man... but what does it matter its not like his mother is going to see

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he never died. if you have mega man zero 4, at the ending when you see zero's destroyed helmet, if u look close to the sun, you will see a shadow of a figure just standing there, it figure is far away so that's why its small. this is proof that zero has never died

Can a 16 year old mother date an 18 year old man?

yes she could . I see other people do it my mother was one of the them and now she is married to him.

Advantages and disadvantages of practicing polygamy?

Pros: - Some man have more than one wife - Many other man have no wives - Many women have to share one man Cons: - Some man have more than one wife - Many other man have no wives - Many women have to share one man Both are pros and cons depending of the viewpoint. A man of wealth and power will see no cons, a poor man with no power will see no pros. I doubt women ever reaped any benefits from such an arrangement.