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Can a mans penis be too big?


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January 07, 2011 10:58AM

well it's no use to even think about that, you have what you have, there's no changing that. It's true that a large penis can be a bit of a problem when your girl is very sensitive, but that doesn't mean sex can't be just as nice. My boyfriend's penis is about 19cm (I don't know what that is in inches :p), and yes that's large, and yes it can hurt sometimes when he goes in to deep. But we've learned to work around that, so can you. I tell him when it's a little painful so he knows what he can and cannot do. communicate with your girlfriend about this question. But I can assure you, sex with a man who has a slightly bigger penis is awesome! enjoy the sex, but pay attention to her reactions, if it looks like she's in pain, don't go in that deep. You'll learn to work with the equipment you have! have fun!