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Can a manual car have cruise control?


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Yes. My Ford Probe 2.0l 16v had cruise control and that was a manual gearbox!

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Yes, you can. Manual cars also come with cruise control. no unless it is a manual transmission....manual transmissions dont come with cruise control. You can even purchase a manual transmission vehicle equiped with cruise control from an original manufacturer.

Check the owners manual for the car. Each car is different.

It is possible to convert a car without cruise control to have cruise control. Many auto parts stores sell kits which will install cruise control in a vehicle.

Diagrams help a person make the appropriate changes to a car. The 1994 Nissan Pathfinder cruise control diagram can be found in its maintenance manual book.

No, only through the aftermarket. There are no factory cruise control kits.

No , absolutely not ( if you hit a puddle , which will slow the car down , the cruise control willtry to accelerate the car to maintain the set speed )It's not recommended to use the cruise control in the rain. Normally, you use the cruise control on the highways. When it's raining you need complete control on the car and be fully alert.( NO ) if you hit a puddle that slows the car down then the cruise control will accelerate the carbetter not it could cause the car to accelerate at the wrong time and cause loss of control

Control Car is another name for cruise control. Cruise control allows you to set a speed and your car stays at that speed. It is good for being on the highway. It also conserves gas.

Check in your vehicle's owner's manual for reccomendation's regarding the cruise control. I have seen manual's that say not to accelerate up hill's with the cruise control.

I have a 2009 Focus Titanium automatic and that does not come with cruise control. I think the manual version does though.

There are multiple things that can go wrong with cruise control, you need to be more specific as to what is wrong with the cruise control in your car.

Cruise control is an automated system whereby the driver can select a specific speed and the car will automatically maintain that speed until the driver either disengages the cruise control or presses the brake pedal. It is the most useful for long distance highway driving where there is not too much traffic. Common misconceptions: Cruise control does not steer the car, or keep the car on the road. Cruise control does not prevent accidents.

The steering is what controls the gauge in cruise control. This is in any car or truck.

If the car is going up an incline, it will attempt to keep the speed constant with the setting of the cruise control. When that process is satisfied, the car may decelerate a bit to keep the same speed. If the car continually decelerates whe using the cruise control. stop using the cruise and have it checked. It id very dangerous to use the cruise control that is not operating properly. It could cause the car to accelerate unexpectedly.

The cruise control is fed by the same fuses as the engine computer. If the car runs, it is not a blown fuse.The cruise control is fed by the same fuses as the engine computer. If the car runs, it is not a blown fuse.

The cruise control switch on a 1993 Lincoln Town car is attached to the master brake cylinder under the hood. Ford had a recall on this car because the cruise control switch could lead to a fire.

Go out to a car store and buy the cruise control. then pop up the bonet of the car and pull out the radiator and the engine. you will see two cords attach them to the back of the cruise control system. you are then done.

I think that the cruise control boxes are different at least in 91 teg they are the auto says at and the manual says mt.

To use the cruise control on the PT Cruiser, turn the cruise control on in the steering wheel. Accelerate to the desired speed and push in the end of the left turn signal knob. The cruise control should then control the speed. To take the car out of cruise control, a person can tap the brake.

People drive a manual car by using a stick shift to control the car.

it very much depends on the car, your manual should have a fuze diagram in it if not theres somtimes one on the lid of the box itself

where is the cruise controll module relay on a 1988 linclon town car

The cruise control is fed by the pcm. If the car starts there isn't a blown fuse.

That info can be found in owners manual

Sorry, no Rio models have Cruise Control. Wish they did as I have a 09 that I wish had it. There are aftermarket companies that make custom kits for the Rio.

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