Citizenship and Marriage

Can a marriage between a Canadian citizen and a Brazilian citizen be legal in the US?


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Yes, the marriage is legally recognized in the United States.

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It is not possible to become a Canadian Citizen just by marrying a Canadian citizen. Citizenship cannot be acquired by marriage in any country.

Yes. Canada has no residency requirement for marriage.

can a canadian citizen sponsor his wife who is an american citizen if the candian citizen has a felony on his record

can a Canadian citizen become us citizen

No, not unless you start the paperwork in Brazil. You would have to give up your US citizenship to become a citizen of Brazil. Your new spouse doesn't become a US citizen either through marriage and they would have to apply for citizenship here too. Only being born in the US makes a person an automatic citizen.

Sure, just meet the requirements to apply for a marriage license and you are set.

the simplest way is to marry a canadian citizen

Yes, a marriage performed in South America will be honored in the U.S., with the exception of gay marriage- which is not recognized in the U.S. If you mean a marriage in the U.S. between a citizen and an illegal, this marriage will also be recognized, but again, not for gay marriage. Be aware than simply marrying a citizen doesnt grant you legal residency

Canadian marriageso you are looking for Canadian citizenship,,,,,I am free to marry but will cost $50,000 can.

he will stay American citizen....he has to apply to become a Canadian citizen or his wife has to apply for him and will have to tell the court that she has married him

No a passport is not required when flying domestic between Canadian cities.

Yes. USA citizen girl marriage Pakistan name is amanat ali

I have a dual citizen ship and am both Canadian and American You can do this by Immigrating to Canada

I think that he is still an canadian citizen. But i'm just guessing.

A Canadian citizen can be born outside of Canada, live his or her entire life outside of Canada, and still remain a Canadian citizen.

Yes definitely you can get Canadian citizenship too. As you have US citizenship, it is not difficult to get Canadian citizenship as US allow dual citizenship. This can get obtained either through marriage or naturalization. Even extended stay in Canada can also be added advantage for Canadian citizenship, however it also comes under naturalization.

You can lose it if you become a Canadian citizen through Naturalization.

There are many people who can marry a US citizen. Marriage to a US citizen happens with many other US citizens.

None, being charged with a crime does not mean the accused person was guilty. A conviction of a felony would be a different matter but it would not necessarily prevent the marriage.

Providing it was done legally and was not a 'sham' marriage, yes, they can.

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