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Can a military spouse collect unemployment benefits from Louisiana if family has to relocate to another state?

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August 31, 2010 11:02AM

Good luck trying to squeeze any money out of Louisiana...even if you earned it legitimately, worked the qualifying periods and your employer paid everything for UI benefits. Louisiana will string you along for about 6-8 weeks telling you to keep filing and each week they will send you a letter stating that "there is an unresolved issue" with your claim. They will not tell you the issue, nor will they disclose what they are waiting on to you on the phone - if you can ever reach a live person that is - they have one phone number and I am convinced - one person that answers this phone line, which you will wait about 2 hours on hold if you have the patience, only to be told exactly nothing. After tellling you first 4 weeks, it will change to 6, then to 8 weeks, if you do not hear anything, you will be told them back at that same number! Eventually you will get a letter (after filing every week & hoping you get benefits until you get another job at the new duty station). basically saying too bad, so sad, but that your spouse moving is just not a good enough reason for you to leave your job. It was not the employers fault that you left, it was yours and tada you are disqualified! Don't expect anything from Louisiana...they fight hard and write it 'just so' in their books so as to keep all the money that should be rightfully yours.