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Depends on his age. If he is a minor living at home, then yes. And if such is the case, it was probably done for the better. ;)

*thinks absently about his mom selling his train set*

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How do you handle a narcissistic thief?

You report the theft to the police and press charges.You report the theft to the police and press charges.You report the theft to the police and press charges.You report the theft to the police and press charges.

Is a bank obligated to press charges for employee theft?

If it is internal theft they are not required to do so. Sometimes they decline to prosecute in order to keep the internal theft quiet and out of the public news.

Can you press charges if your stolen property is later returned?

In the case of a criminal theft - if you reported the theft to law enforcement - even though the property was later returned, it is not, strictly speaking, up to YOU, as to whether to press charges or not. It is law enforcement and the prosecutors office that makes that determination.

How can you press charges for theft and what courthouse should i go to for it?

First you should file a report with your local police department. Theft falls under criminal law, not civil law, so to press charges you would need to go through law enforcement channels, not civil court.

What is the law when a child steals from a family member?

The parents (or whomever) can press charges just like a normal theft.

Can you press charges against a minor for theft?

Civilians cannot "press charges." Only law enforcement and prosecutors can "press charges." However, you can REPORT the offense (and whom you suspect) to law enforcement and they will investigate and take action if they find enough probable cause that the offense occurred, regardless of the age of the perpetrator.

Can you press charges against your sister for stealing your clothes?

Private individuals cannot file or "press" criminal charges.You can report the theft to the police. The police and the prosecuting attorney will then determine whether or not to file criminal charges, depending on the circumstances of the theft.Added: Realistic answer - Law enforcement will consider this a civil case (i.e.: an inter-family situation) and will not, and cannot, take action.

How can you press charges for theft?

You would have to report it to your local law enforcement. They would then investigate your allegations, in the UK they would have to prove that the theft took place i.e. that your property existed, that someone took your property and that they intended to 'permanantly deprive' you of that property, if that can be proved they would pass the case to the procecution authorities, who would press the charges.

Police charged a person with grand theft what is the statute of limitation after the charges?

Don't understand what it is that is being asked. What is meant by, "the statute of limitation after the charges?"

What happens if someone post his crEdit card on you tube and you use it?

If they found out and decide to press charges? Its fraud and theft you go to jail

Can a husband press charges against his wife for grand theft auto?

NO because you can put in a cheat code with no wanted level and get away with it

How do you press charges against a person who signed an affidavit saying he bought your car when he did not?

I would go to the police. Sounds like theft.

What are the charges for theft?

The charges for theft vary greatly depending on the monetary amount of the theft as well as the way the theft was taken out. Typically, punishment for theft can be anywhere from a $500 fine to life in prison-such as with aggravated grand theft.

Can you press charges for theft if you receive your items back?

In the US, private individuals do not make or "press" criminal charges. Only the state, through the prosecuting attorney and the police do this. If you suspect a crime has taken place, contact the police. They will take necessary future steps.

You were convicted of petty theft what will happen?

Well if your under age (13- 18) and the dont press charges he or she will go to a program to get discharged when the program is over. Well if your under age (13- 18) and the dont press charges he or she will go to a program to get discharged when the program is over.

How do you report theft of your electricity at residence?

To report theft of electicity at a residence, the first people a person should call is the utility company. They will send someone out immediately to cut the illegal connection. The next step is to inform the police of the theft and press charges if possible.

If you have car insurance and your child takes it without your permisson and wrecks your car are you covered?

only if you have full covrage.if you only have liabilty your screwed unless they had your's called auto theft to the insurance co.if you don't press charges,then you get to pay for everything.

What is the statute of limitations for theft in Washington state?

The statute of limitations is the set amount of time an individual or state can press charges. In a civil case the statute of limitations for theft varies from 2-3 years depending on the circumstances.

How do you plant a bomb in Grand Theft Auto?

In grand theft auto san andreas, you have at to acquire the c4 charges with the detonator. You can then stick them to just about anything including people, and just press the detonator to blow em to hell.

What is the process of pressing charges for a minor theft?

A 'victim' does NOT "press charges." The victim can only make a report of the illegal act to law enforcement. If investigation reveals a suspect, the suspect can be arrested and taken to court where law enforcement will present the case to the prosecutor. The prosecutor is the only one who can 'press charges' and he does so on behalf of the state, NOT on behalf of the individual victim.

What are the charges for stealin?

grand theft auto

What if your girlfriend used her mother's credit card without permission what is the charge for that what is the sentence if she's found guilty she has no prior record?

first mom has to press charges for theft.. the most likely punishment is mom making you pay her back and her taking the card away...

If you run away and take your parents car would that be considered stealing the car?

if your parents press charges You better believe it! If you do not have permission to take the car, you can be charged with theft.

Who is the expelled president of the PAC appeared in court on charges of fraud and theft?

President Luthando Mbinda

If your car was taken without your consent by an uninsured driver and then seized by the police do you have to pay the charges to get it back?

No, that person does and you can have them charged with Grand Theft Auto