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If there are DNA result proving him to be the biological father, yes she can.

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Yes, if it can be proven through a paternity test that you are the father.Yes, if it can be proven through a paternity test that you are the father.Yes, if it can be proven through a paternity test that you are the father.Yes, if it can be proven through a paternity test that you are the father.

No, the father on the birth certificate is financially responsible unless proven that he's not the father by DNA. About 12 years ago in the state of NJ The court ordered me to pay child support to the biological father (Dna test showed I was not the biological father) The court called me the psychological father so in the courts opinion I was her father. And like the biological Mother he also drank it away.


Generally, the man on the birth certificate is the child's legal father, unless/until proven otherwise.

Mother usually, unless she is proven unfit, or the father is proven the better parent.

Yes, it's a GLASS CEILING thing, only fathers are relegated to subbasement with no stairs to climb. see link below

yes, if its proven on medical records it is father of the child

That answer depends on several factors including the mother's age, ability to provide for the child and the environment where the child will be living. If a father is named on the birth certificate or parentage established after the fact in a court of law, the father has as many rights as the mother in terms of custody and support. Under Connecticut law, an unwed mother with no father legally designated is presumed to have sole custody unless proven otherwise or amended by other conditions as outlined above.

While if could never be proven, it is thought that Mother Teresa's father was poisoned by political adversaries.

Only if you have accepted paternity of the child in another way, or if paternity is proven via DNA test. In some states you don'y need to be the real father of the child, you just need to have accepted a father role in order to be charged child support.

Yes! If the mother has a child support case agaist you , the court will issue an order for DNA test. Once it's proven that you are the father, you pay.

it is a proven fact that mother can and will eat their young if they can not support them

He might have to go to court to prove paternity and when proven the father they will let him sign it.

Only if you can prove birth through DNA testing. * Yes if the couple are married the husband is assumed to be the father and has custodial rights to a child until proven otherwise. If the couple are not married the mother retains sole custody to the child until parentage is proven through paternity testing (blood test or DNA). Once parentage has been established the court will allow the filing of custody and/or visitation and/or child support petitions to be filed.

A DNA test can prove if the biological father is actually the father. If it is proven he is the father, then he should have all parental rights as any other parent.

Nope UNTIL hes Proven to be the father (either a test or Marriage) no unless His is on the Certificate of birth if he is not there is no proof he is the father He does not have rights stakes or claims to the Child in question if you need more info Email me Im a mother of 2 That has gone through this same thing TWICE!!!

Yes. Paternity must be proven by a DNA test before a support order can be entered UNLESS the father agrees that he is the daddy. Then no test is required.

The husband is presumed to be the father until proven otherwise.

In order to pay child support there have to be proof you are the father so a DNA test is taken.

If the father has already been established as the legal parent, either by appearing on the birth certificate or other legitimization as outlined by prevailing jurisdictional law, he is presumed to be the father unless proven otherwise. If no one contests his parentage and with the mother and biological father's consent if he can be located, the man may institute a legal adoption to secure his rights to the child.

My husband actually had this happen to him. He had a one night stand with a girl before we were married. He never saw this girl again, until she showed up with a baby one day and said it was his. In the mean time, when she found out she was pregnant she married another man whom she thought at the time was the father. DNA test proved that my husband was the father, and everyone moved on. Years later the mother and the presumed father were divorced and the mother wanted to seek child support arrearage from my husband. This is a strange position to be in. If a man's name is not listed as the father, and someone else is then he is legally the presumtive father. Once the DNA test is done though and someone else is proven to be the father, they are responsible for child support from the moment they find out they are the real father. The guy listed gets off the hook and the real dad has to shell out what he owes. Trust me, it's ugly and I have lived through the very same ordeal.