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Yes, as long as you have custody of the child/children. Just as the mother can choose for the father to PAY child support.

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Only your mother can decide that. She is the one who chose him.

A parent can chose whomever they are comfortable with and believe will take care of the child properly while they are away. There is no requirement that a child has to be with a parent, or even a relative. The decisions cannot interfere with the other parent's rights to access and visitation as prescribed by the court.

Paternity must be established before any discussion of the father's rights. Once that is done, the father has the right to pay child support and related expenses, and to petition for visitation.

God chose Jesus to be the father of his people. He didn't chose Joseph because God is Jesus' true father, not Joseph. Mary is the mother of His people and Jesus and God are the father of all people.If the children of Irsael are God's people then God chose Abraham to be the father of His people.If Christians are God's people then God is their Father.

Yes, if:- The father retains sole physical custody of the child, the mother has visitation rights and took the child out-of-state during a time she did NOT have visitation with the child; OR- The father retains sole physical custody of the child, the mother has absolutely no parental rights to the child and took the child out-of-state at any time.No, if:- There is a custody arrangement in place, whether as a written or oral agreement between the her and the father, or as an Order for Child Custody, and the mother retains primary or joint (equally shared) physical custody of the child; OR- There is no custody arrangement in place between her and the father, and there is no Order for Child Custody in place, but she retains primary or sole physical custody of the child and/or the father never bothered to petition for custody; OR- There is a custody agreement in place between her and the father, or there is an Order for Child Custody, and the father retains primary or sole physical custody of the child, IF the mother has visitation rights and chose to take the child out-of-state while she had visitation with the child;- Just about any other scenario, other than the two described above under "yes," not otherwise described here.To sum this up, no, the mother probably cannot be charged with parental kidnapping simply for taking her child out of state. The mother has a legal right to travel wherever she chooses with her child unless a court tells her otherwise. In fact, the mother may move out-of-state with the child permanently if she so chooses, and there is nothing the father can do.The fact that the mother and the father were never married is completely irrelevant. The only difference between unmarried parents and divorced parents, is that divorced parents usually submit a custody plan to (or, more often, one parent receives an Order for Primary Physical Custody from) the family court, which explicitly outlines which parent has custody and which has visitation. If the parents never married, and the child lives with the mother, she is the custodial parent (which means she has primary physical custody of the child) and she can take the child wherever she pleases, whenever she wishes. The father has no legal claim to or right to control how the mother cares for the child while she retains custody, and the mother is certainly not required to seek permission or even notify the father of her intent to leave the state with her child so long as she retains custody,

well, it depends on the situation. If the mother is young and cant take care of her child, she might chose to abandon the baby or child.

what i know about her that is his father is an iranian muslim and her mother is spanish and she is chose to be christian not Muslim

Mr. Mellark told Peeta that he was in love with Katniss's mother, but Mrs. Everdeen chose Mr. Everdeen over him.

They will be taken to a foster home by social services or even to a relative.

A parent can not give her rights away but the court can make someone else the legal guardian of the child and approve adoption and terminate the parents rights. It's the court who decides if the woman the mother chose is suitable. Also, the court will require the consent of the father.

Joseph chose to be a carpenter to support his family. He probably was taught the skills by his own father.

Five years, but Judge David Grey Ross, Commissioner of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement opposes the program and many judges are refusing the awards be granted.

Hopefully because she chose to have another child and by having sex with your father. You were such a delight that she decided to have another one.

First off your mother still has physical custody so all she has to do is call the police to physically pick you up and bring you home, and if she wanted to at her request the the police could have you placed in a group home for runnaways also known as a juvenile detention center for runnaways..or Juvenile camp. that's if she wanted to. But since you are sixteen and old enough to make a decision at that age you could state to her that you chose to live with your father and again the court would have to be involved and the process would have to begin that you chose to live with your father. Then things would change for your mother, IE..child support until your 18.

A dhampir is the child of a vampire father and a living mother. As dhampirs are living people they have no need to employ the 'life-stealing' ability they have inherited from their father in fact most dhampirs are unaware of their special status. (Mom adverse to telling the child what he really is) Upon dying the dhampir has the option of becoming one of the living dead but most chose to end their lives in such a way to avoid this. Most dhampirs in fact chose to become vampire hunters.

Child support is tracked by the federal government, not just the various states. On a personal note, you should be catching up on child support since that is more important than traveling. It is not just the money, it is the support of the child(ren) that you chose to bring into the world. Don't let them down.

Any time you receive any kind of public assistance you need to disclose all kinds of income. Child support is also an income, even though, non-taxable. Section 8 does and will do an income check/verification, including if you're receiving child support. If you chose not to disclose the child support and they find out, you'll be responsible for any balances, including being dropped off from the program. Not worth it at all........

Nothing except accept their chose. If they're minors (I mean under the age of 5) try to change their religion or just accept it and try to join aslo. But mostly support them and their chose.

This poem, in its original and correct form, was written by John F. Willcocks (1918-2007). Maybe he was thinking of his father, when he composed it, as he was only 9 months old, when his father died as a result of being gassed on the Somme. The following is the poem as it was written:POPPIESWhy are they selling poppies, mother? Selling poppies in town today?The poppy, my child, is the flower of love for the men who marched away.Why did they chose a poppy, mother? Why not a beautiful rose?Because, my child, men fought and died in the fields where the poppy grows.But why is the poppy so red?Red is the colour of blood, my child, the blood that our soldiers shed.The heart of the poppy is black, mother. Why does it have to be black?Black is the symbol of grief my child for the men, who never came back.But why mother dear, are you crying so? Your tears are like winter rain.My tears are my fears for you, my child, for the world is forgetting again.

It is not disrespect that you are honoring. The reason is that God chose these two people as the vessel to bring you into being. What you are doing is honoring God and his choice.

You shouldn't do anything, the father of the child should talk with his ex, be firm but cordial with her and tell her that she has to move on as he has because it is over between them and he is not interested (if that is the truth of course). There is no need for you to get involved at all, she is going to be involved to some extent for the rest of their lives as they do share a child but if he is with you, he chose you and there is no need to be resentful, hateful or jealous where she is concerned don't let her get to you.

Spanking is legal and apparently the way this mother chose to discipline her son since she has given her boyfriend to do so. The only way to stop it is to speak to the mother but she might tell you off since people rarely like when people interfere in their child raising.

Trisha Elric. Elric is actually their mother's surname. Their father's is Hohenheim, and Ed says that they chose to use their mother's since their father was never around.

Lizzie Borden was accused and found guilty of killing her mother and father with an ax. After being released from she chose to live in the hose the deaths occurred until her death.