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Yes she can.

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Q: Can a mother file for full custody?
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If an 18 yo moves with mother but father has full custody can mother file for custody?

Generally, custody orders end at age eighteen and the child can choose where she wants to live.

Can you file for full custody for your child if his mother is filing for bankruptcy?

Well you can but the court will not find that a good reason to take custody away from her.

How do you file for full custody of a child?

You gain full custody for a child by telling the judge you want full custody.

How do you go about giving full custody back to the mother?

If you have custody of your child and you want to give full custody back to the mother, you need to file new papers with the court. The papers will make the change in custody legal. There does not need to be a trial when both parents agree on what's best for the child unless the mother was found to be unfit.

If you have possessory custody. How can you get full custody?

You file a motion with the court.

Can a mother and her boyfriend or husband file for full custody of the mothers children together that you share joint custody with your exhusband who is the childrens father?

Boyfriend or husband (unless he is the biological father) has no legal right to the child at all. The mother can try to go for full custody though.

If child support hearing is set and mother has left the child with the grandmother can the father file for full custody?

Yes; he can.

If legal and physical custody was granted to the mother is that the same as full physical and full legal custody?

Yes. Legal and physical custody granted to the mother means full, sole legal and physical custody.

Can a father in wi. get temporary full custody if mother is homeless?

Can a father in wi. get temporary full custody if mother is homeless?

How can a mother get custody of her child when the father signed the birth certifcate but has not assumed responsibliity?

If he has abandoned the mother, talk to a lawyer. There may be a law in your state that after so many years of 'abandonment' custody is automatic. Get a lawyer and file for full custody if abandonment is not the issue.

Can a mother get full custody if the father is a convicted felon?

I believe that the Mother should always have full Custody.. After the father is a convicted felon

Who has custody of children when a couple is unmarried in the state of Florida?

Technically the mother has the first rights, but there isn't really custody until it is taken to court. To aviod any future misunderstandings I would file full custody of the child.

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