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In cases where the biological parents are not married the law presumes that the mother has sole custody rights. The father would have to establish paternity to the satisfaction of the court before custody, visitation or child support issues could be addressed. In cases that pertain to a child born in a marriage both parents are assumed to have equal rights until the court rules otherwise. If one parent filed for sole custody the other would be notified and would have the legal right to contest the action.

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Q: Can a mother get custody of her son with out the father knowing?
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i have a son in my custody what is the law in the phillipines about child custody if a child abandoned by his father

Would it be illegal for a mother and son to leave the grandmothers house without her knowing?

If the grandmother has custody

If mother wants to see her son but father refuses her?

If He Have Full Custody Then He Doesn't Have To .

Can the biological mother get custody of son that lives with the adopted father?

Yes, she can. All she has to do is press suit to have custody awarded, or convince him to give her custody.

Can a father get full custody for his son if sister of mother has temporary custody?

There are no black and white answers to questions like this one. It would all depend on why the mother doesn't have custody, why the sister does, why the father doesn't, and your state's laws.

Can a father who has joint physical custody of his son be granted sole physical custody if the mother is in jail?

Either parent can have physical custody in a joint custody arrangement. If there is a court order granting the mother physical custody the father should notify the court of the mother's incarceration and have that order modified unless he wants the mother to resume physical custody when she is released.

Im the father and you live in IL The mother lives in TX your son lives with you If you have joint custody but you have residential custody can you the father still get child support?


Can divorced father with primary custody let child live with his 28 year old son and wife or does the child have to stay with mother if not with father?

That depends on the custody order, but she can file for a change of custody.

If Father has custody of 17 yr old son can son switch custody back to mother?

If the son wants to I believe he can. In my state (Georgia) the child can choose who he/she wants to live with at the age of 14.

If mother has sole and legal custody of eighteen year old son and son went to live with father can father get sole custody of 18 year old son?

well by law, he is now a adult, so he can make his own decissions, but i do not think his father can no longer get custody because he is 18, but im not 100% sure

Would a mother have have full custody if her and her son's father were never married in Michigan?

Sole Custody until ruled on otherwise. The Glass Ceiling for fathers.

How can an unmarried mother obtain authorization to travel with her young son overseas if she and the child's father have never been married or established custody?

establish custody

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