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Yes, if in cases of unmarried persons paternity has been established. If pataernity is uncertain then it will be required by the court before a petition for child support can be addressed. Collection of child support for years passed is only possible if there was a valid court order for support relating to the year(s) in question.

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Q: Can a mother seek child support after 16 years of not pursuing it?
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If you are 24 years old and your mother is now receiving back child support from the father are you allowed to get the child support from the mother?

no it goes to the mother.

Can a married mother file for child support for a seventeen years old child?


Can a mother collect child support once the child reaches twenty?

no not at the age of 20 years of the child. It may be of 25 years of the child

Can a mother sue for child support after 17 years if the father is unaware this is his child?

Depending on the state, she has until the child turns 18 to 23 to file for up to 18 years retroactive support.

Can the mother receive child support after the child is 18 and the father hasn't seen the child for 5 years?

The mother cannot receive child support for a child who is over the age of 18. However, if the father owes money from before, that money has to be paid to the mother, even if the child is over 18. The father owes child support whether or not he sees the child.

If the child is thirty can she file for child support in Texas?

No, 11 years too late, and dangerous. I growing number of relationships with mother are destroyed by these actions when the adult child learns their mother had been lying about getting child support.

How do you get mother right removed as she has not had contact or paid child support in three years?

In this case, you can not force the mother to be in contact with her child, neither can the court, however, you are, and by all means, entitled to child support. All you need to do is, file for it.

Can a mother collect child support after 25 years if she has a court order when the child was 6?

If she's kept the claim current.

Can you file a child support order when the child is 3 years old in indiana?

Yes, and the mother should request it retroactively.

The child is now 15. What will happen to the father paying child support and back child support if you get back together after 15 years?

Petition the court for a modification. If the back support was for any state aid the mother was on, then it can't be forgiven. If it isn't for that, then the mother can write a letter saying she forgives the back support owed to her.

Can a mother come back to the father for child support after he has relinquished his parental rights eleven years ago?


Can a mother collect child support after 15 years of not collecting?

arrears - yes; current (ongoing) support - yes, if the child is still a minor/dependent; retroactive support - maybe, it depends on several factors

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