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if you have not taken care of what you need to in court then you cant you can get chaged with kidnapping!by the why if the kids are in no danger then its not good to take them away a child needs there dad as much as there mom!so if theres any way you can fix what ever happend between you and your hosben and still be friends for kids or kid that would be the best way to do it!!!! * If no court order of custody has been granted the law presumes both parents share equal custody rights. The mother can take the children to live at another residence that is not out of state but she cannot refuse the father the right for equal time with the children. If the father were to take the children to his in state residence with the knowledge of the mother then parental kidnapping or abduction is not applicable.

2006-07-26 18:14:21
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Q: Can a mother take children from a father and keep them at her parents' house before custody has been issued?
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Can a father have joint custody?

Joint custody is between two parents, which are usually a mother and a father.

If unmarried parents never established custody can the mother relocate with children?

Yes, however the father can file an injunction.

How can a father get custody of his children from there birth mother?

A father can get custody of the children if it can be demonstrated that that is in the best interest of the child. The father being the primary caregiver would help.

Can you give a sentence with the word custody?

The father was awarded custody of his children.

If no father is listed who has legal custody of the child?

The mother. If she dies, her parents get custody.

If a father gave full custody of the children to the mother on their divorce papers what right does the father still have to see his children or share custody?

You have the visitation rights that were established in the divorce, and you have no custody rights.

Can your fiance get temporary custody of your children with a power of attorney form?

No. Custody must be granted by a court order unless the parents are married. If you are unmarried and want to give temporary custody of your children to your "fiance" it must be done through the court. You haven't mentioned whether the "fiance" is the father of the children.

The agreement between 2 parents is custody to mother but weekends for father if the mother dies who would get custody?

the father gets the custody of the child if the mother dies

Does the father get custody of the children if mom has passed away?

If married, and not living in Kansas. If the mother had a custody order, and first right of refusal is not declared in the orders, he will need to file a custody challenge against her parents. Kansas has an old law that does not allow widowers to have custody of young children. The maternal grandparents can take them.

When single parents join the military can they give custody of their chlid to their parents instead of the father?

They can, but the father can challenge it in court.

Can a mother get a police officer and take children from father?

If she has custody of the kids. Legal custody.

If you had gave custody of your daughter to your parents now you seeking custody back do her father regain his custody also?

yes he should do

Can a fifteen year old continue living with her father while her parents continue their custody battle?

The father must petition the court for temporary custody.The father must petition the court for temporary custody.The father must petition the court for temporary custody.The father must petition the court for temporary custody.

If you marry into a family how does your husband get joint custody?

Your husband cannot get joint custody of your children from a prior marriage. Custody arrangements are made between parents of children. Your present husband can legally adopt your children with their father's consent. He would then have all the legal rights and obligations of a biological father. The children would become his legal heirs-at-law.

Can a mother get her children if the father has had them and refuses to let her see them but the parents were never married and there is no court matters dealing with custody?

Since there is no court order and you were never married it is the mother that have custody. He can be charged with kidnapping.

If a mother has no job or a unstable job history can a father go for full custody?

If the mother has interrupted her career more than the father for her children, surely she has the better argument for custody? Custody should depend on how the children are treated, not on how hard the mother found it/finds it to get a job. The father would probably have to work less when they have custody of the children anyway.

A family in which the mother and father share decision making is called an?

When the mother and father share the decision making when it comes to the children is called a joint custody. In this set up, both parents can have access to the records of the child or children and can live with one or the other according custody schedule ordered by the court.

Can a mother take her children from a father and keep them at her parents house?

You didn't provide enough detail. The answer depends on the marital status, whether paternity has been established if the parties were not married and whether the father has custody rights. If he has custody rights she is not allowed to just take them. If they are married they have equal rights to the children.

How do you get legal custody for children from their father?

You petition the court. They are the ones who grant you all types of custody.

In Texas if the mother has custody of the children and goes to prison does the father still have to pay child support?

Yes, if the father is not given custody he will be obligated to keep paying support to whomever the court awards custody or guardianship of the children.

Who has the custody of a child if the parents aren't married in Michigan?

The mother. The father have to apply for visitation and custody in court.

Can a teenaged father get full custody of baby before its born after its born?

if you can prove she is an unfit mother and you have the income to support a child but even then if she is under 18 i think her parents could get custody

Does the mother have to pay child support?

Yes. If the father has sole custody or physical custody the mother will be required to pay child support under normal circumstances. Both parents are responsible for supporting their children.

Can a father get custody before the mother?

No, but the father can get the custody if he proves that the mother has bad habits like alcoholic or consume drugs.

Can a father offer the mother money to have custody of children?