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Can a mother who put up a child for adoption search for the child and how?


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email this guy. this is what he posted on the internet:

I know that are many people have discovered they have a sibling that was put up for adoption. I understand the range of emotions that this news brings forth. I have so many questions myself. I have been searching for over two years now for a sister that was put up for adoption in Odessa Texas. We think that she was born the end of 1949 or the beginning months of 1950 at the Gettins Clinic. She might not even know that she was adopted. I have learned a great deal about finding people. During my search I have helped several people find their loved ones. This has made all the time, money, and hard work worth while. If you need help let me know. I would like to help if I can. Sometimes it is impossible to find a family member as I have found, other times it's much easier than you think. LIN