Can a narcissist be happy for his partner's success?

The answer to this question is paradoxical. On the one hand, the narcissist may indeed claim happiness for his partner's success if the success reflects and mirrors him as successful. However, on the other hand if the narcissist perceives the partner's success as "outdoing him," then disdain and contempt might be observed. Moreover, the N might demonstrate a facade of "happiness" all the while seething beneath the surface of his mask for the success of his partner. N's cycle in and out of idealizing and devaluing their partners and in turn, the answer to the question is dependent upon the N's cycle and ever-changing stance of idealizing and devaluing. Finally, happiness as healthy functioning people define and experience such totally eludes the N's existence. The primary emotion for a N is anger and it is my belief "to be without anger for an N is his happiness."