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Q: Can a newspaper headline be a question?
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What do you call the main headline in the newspaper?

The main headline in the newspaper is called he main headline

What is a headline in a newspaper?

A headline in a newspaper is the most important part of a newspaper. It is the important news for the day.

What do you call the title of a newspaper?

The name of the title of a newspaper is called a headline.

What is headline of a newspaper?

The headline of a newspaper is the first few words that tel someone what the article is about.

What is main headline of newspaper called?

main headline

The lines at the head of a newspaper article?


What is banner headline in newspaper?

The banner headline - is the main headline on the front page.

What is the secondary headline that comes after the main headline in a newspaper?


What is headline of newspaper?

the headline of a newspaper i think is a major subject or topic sentence which is introduced and deliberated upon in details

What are Different kinds of newspaper headlines?

unusual headline and production headline

Why is the headline of newspaper is important?

The headline the hook of a story. That is, it's what catches your attention and gets you interested in the story. When you read a story in the newspaper, the headline is the first thing you see.

Todays headline for the havana cuba newspaper?

Todays headline for the Havana, Cuba Newspaper is "Latin America-Game 24"

What is a banner headline in a newspaper?


What is a headline on a newspaper?

the Lead story

What is a catchline of a newspaper?

It called the 'headline'

What are the functions of a newspaper headline?

One of the functions of a newspaper headline is to let the reader get a basic understanding of what an article is about. Another function is to get the attention of the reader.

What is the double decker headline on a newspaper?

The double decker headline on a news paper :D (this is not the answer)

Basic parts of a newspaper and terms?

column boxed ears by line caption lead screaming headline layout headline banner headline streamer headline

What the title of a newspaper article is called?

The headline

Do you underline a newspaper title?

First of all, it's NOT called a newspaper "title". It's really called a newspaper "headline". Most newspaper headlines (almost 95%) aren't underlined.So in conclusion, you don't really need to underline a newspaper headline.

What is streamer headline?

a streamer headline is a thing used in parties to decorate it is normally made of newspaper headlines

What are the example of headlines?

a headline is the type of catigory in a newspaper

What do you call the second headline of a newspaper article?

A deck.

What is a good headline for a school newspaper?

Britain fights again.

What is today's headline for Madrid newspaper El Pais?