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It depends on your parents,sometimes parents let them babysit but sometimes they do not let them babysit.

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No a 12 year old is too young and should be 16 before taking care of a 2 year old.

It depends on how responsible they/you are. 11 is good a good age

i have just had a baby and my daughter is 14 is she old enough 2 babysit i have just had a baby and my daughter is 14 is she old enough 2 babysit i have just had a baby and my daughter is 14 is she old enough 2 babysit

no you have to be at least 12 or 13 and you have to take classes and get your babysitting certificate

If its just for 2 hours or so, and its a responsible kid, i think it is possible

No It Is'nt , You Must Be Atleast 13 To Babyysitt Ur Little Siblings In Your Own House Andd 14 To Babysit Other People's Kidss,. :)

my friend is only 11 and babysits a 2 year old. so i bet it would be fine. especially with a 15 year old!

I think it is up to the parents. ask if they think you are mature enough to babysit the kid, make sure to know about any allergies, health issues, ect. ~Holly

I would say about 2-3 hours.

if you mean babysitting, yes! most girls are responsible enough to babysit 1-3 kids when they are 12. i know of a 12year old and a 14 year old that co-babysit for 6 children ages 1/2-10 years old

It is really up to the parents, but the legal age is 13 to babysit in England. They need to be responsible and trustworthy. You cannot babysit someone elses child at the age of 10. I am 13 (14 in a few weeks) and I babysit for people that I know. Not sure about the USA. Hope this helps!

That depends on the 11 year old. If you think the 11 year old is mature enough to do so: Yes. Ya i agree but hey i babysat a 7 year old and a 2 year old and that was when i was 12

Ithink 11 year olds are enough to babysit if they have had experience with siblings. They should also be mature and only take a maximum of 4 kids at a time and the kids should not be under 2 years old.

Yes. A twelve year old friend of mine babysat a 5 year old for like 3 hours and did great. She is like most 12 year olds and is VERY trustworthy.

i am twelve and baysit a 2 year old (and a 4 and 5 year old) I think that as long as u know CPR and everything then i guess that would be all right

Well you can babysit at 11 and you can probably babysit 2 kids at the most because more than 2 kids would be to much of a hassle for you. I know this because I am 11 and I am going to babysit soon.

I would say 1 or 2 unless they have someone to help them.

If you are going to babysit a 2 or three year old then you should charge 10 dollars an hour

yes, if they usually get along well should be fine, old enough must have the responsibility to

The Facts About Babysitting Young OnesThe help with kids ages 2-9A 10 year old can try to babysit a 2, 5, and 7 year old if they can handle a lot of work. Be sure that the kids are occupied and have stuff to do such as play with toys, watch TV, or just sleep. So the answer kind of depends on the behavior and habits. For instance, if a 2 year old is crying, the 5 year old is annoying, and the 7 year old is a nagger, then, No. You can't. Good youngster habits and great behaviors can be acceptable for most terms.DO NOT ATTEMPT IF YOU…• Are lazy• Eat all the time• Have 4+ siblings• Have Bladder infection• Are sick• Or Are IrresponsibleIf you have any of these, the chances of doing it again is ∞∞. Take this Advice. It will help a lot.

I don't know but I am nine and I am 5 ft 2 and about 119.4

There is no law, however, they must be safe. Rule of thumb would be the ages of the kids plus the number of kids. 4+3+2+1+4 would be 14.

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