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Parents may make this decision to enroll the children in a better school. As long as there is consent and the school district allows it then there shouldn't be any problem.

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Q: Can a non-custodial parent enroll the children in a school near them with the other parent's consent?
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Can your parents stop you from taking GED classes if you drop out of high school?

It depends on the rules the class has. Some classes have to get your parents' consent in order to enroll you if you're below their minumum age of consent. Some do not have such requirements. Check around first.

If my 17 year old girlfriend lives with me does my parent have to be her guardian to enroll her in school here or could her parent give consent to my mom to enroll her here?

They should work out some arrangement. Normally this could be some consent papers or power of attorney from you parents. Guardianship could also be assigned.

If you are 17 years old you live in California and you want to move to Michigan and you have parents consent how will you enlist in a school without needing a parents signature?

To enroll in any school you need to have your parents signature, so if your parents aren't with you you will need to have a guardian sign.

How old do you have to be to enroll in the military?

18, or 17 wth parental consent

What age can children enroll in school?

children can enroll in school anywhere froam ages 4-5, depending on the school district

Can a parent that does not have physical custody enroll a child in school without the consent of the other parent?


Can an 18 year old enroll themselves in high school without parental consent in Texas?


Can a 15 year old enroll thmselves in high school without parental consent in California?


Can you withdraw yourself from one school and enroll in another without parental consent at 17 in Texas?

yes you can

Can you move out at 14 with your parents consent?

If you're in the US... Can you move out by yourself? No. Can you move somewhere else, such as a relative's house? Yes, but unless your parents give them some type of temporary custody they wouldn't be able to do things such as enroll you in school, seek medical treatment for you, etc.

Is it against the law for parents to not enroll their children in school?

Unless you are enrolling them in your own school and are getting a Home-Educator license, then no. If not, then it is illegal for to not be getting any education at all.

Can you unenroll out of high school move out and enroll in another high school without parental consent in Texas at age 17?

The legal age to move out is 17, but you can not un enroll from school. Only the person who enrolled you can un enroll you, unless emancipated.

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