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Yes, there are step parents who adopt their partners child but first the biological father have to give up his parental rights to the child or they have to be taken away by the court. Then you can apply for adoption.

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Q: Can a non biological father adopt a child he is raising?
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Can a non-biological father adopt a child he is raising?

It all depends on what is his status.For example-if the NBF was married to the mother before a child was born he is presumed to be the father and there is no need to adopt the child. In the other hand if there is a bio-father it is required to ask him to relinquish his rights.

Can a step father adopt a child without the biological father's consent in Alabama?


Can a step father adopt a child without the biological father's concent in Alabama?


How can a stepfather adopt a child?

The biological father have to give up his parental rights in order for you to adopt.

How do you legally adopt your spouses child if she does not know the biological father?


If the biological father has rights do you need his permission when adopting the child when marrying the biological mother?

You cannot adopt a child if the father still has legal rights over that child. The father would have to sign the child over to you. that is the only way you could adopt the child. marriage has nothing to do with it.

What if your child's father has not legitimized the child and does not pay child support but is on the birth certificate can you get married and have your spouse adopt the child?

Your spouse may adopt the child but the court will have to serve notice of that proceeding to the biological father.

Can a stepfather adopt a child without the biological fathers consent in england?

now a stepfather can't adopt a child without the concent of the child's father

Can you adopt your wife's child if the biological father is dead?

sure....the child might really need a dad

Process to adopt a child?

Tell me the process of adopting a child not yours in a marriage. The biological father is deceased.

Your husband wants to adopt your daughter but her biological father is in the picture?

Then unless the biological father is ok with this and signs his rights over, the new husband has no legal rights to the child.

Can your husband adopt your son if his biological father doesn't pay child support or see him?

The biological father's parental rights must be given up voluntarily or terminated by the court before your husband can adopt your child. It would simplify the process if the child's father would consent to the adoption. He should be reminded that if he did he would no longer be responsible for child support.

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