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No. That would be considered parental abduction or kidnapping depending upon mitigating circumstances. Nevertheless, both are felonies and if the child is removed from the US it is considered a federal felony. The parent abductor would be expedited back to the US to stand trial for numerous criminal offenses.

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Q: Can a non custodial Canadian parent take their child who is a US citizen out of the US without the custodial parent's permission?
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Can the non custodial parent get counseling for the child without the custodial parents permission?


Can a custodial parent leave the state of North Dakota without the noncustodial parents permission?

No the custodial parent has to have either the courts permission or the non-custodians permission.

In Nebraska can non-custodial parent take children out of the state without cutodial parents permission?

No, a non custodial parent can not take a child out of state without the custodial parents permission. The non custodial parent could be charged with kidnapping if charges are brought against them.

Who can not become a Canadian Citizen?

if they are not born in canada or if there parents are not citizen

Can a custodial parent move a child out of the state of Utah without the non custodial parents' permission?

No, you need both his and the courts consent.

Can the non custodial parent take the child out of state on vacation without the custodial parents permission?

It is against the law for a non custodial parent to take their child out of State (can be considered kidnapping) without the written permission of the custodial parent. If the custodial parent agrees then be sure it is in writing, with the date and signature of the custodial parent and carry it with you during the trip.

Do you need both parents permission to change a childs name under a year old?

The permission of both parents is necessary unless the non-custodial parent has relinquished all rights.

Can a Canadian child of divorce be put on Television with out custodial parents consent?

No. The non-custodial parent does not have the legal power to consent to the child being filmed.

Is a grandparent allowed to take a grandchild out of the home for vacations?

With the custodial parents permission, they do not have any inherent rights to do so.

Can the sole custodial parent take the children out of the country without the noncustodial parents permission?

No as both signatures are required

How long can a canadian citizen stay outside canada?

There is no limit. A Canadian Citizen is a Citizen for life unless they deliberately give up their Citizenship by filling out a form. In fact, if you happened to be born of Canadian parents, you could be a Canadian Citizen your whole life without ever setting foot in the country!

Does the non custodial parent need permission to leave the country?

If you want to take the child with you, you will need the other parents permission as well as the courts. But not if it's just you leaving.

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