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See raleted queation

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Q: Can a noncustodial parent give up their rights in the state of MD?
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Does the noncustodial parent give up legal rights to a child if he has had nothing to do with the child since birth and pays no child support?

at times yes but usually if the noncustodial parent does want to see the child they will be denied visitation rights and not be allowed to see the child

Can the noncustodial parent refuse to give their phone number?


In the state of Texas what things do judges consider if a 12 year old wants to live with noncustodial parent?

Well if the noncustodial parent wishes to take the kid the judge might give the parent custody if there is not a bad reason the parent did not get custody in the first place hope I helped you

Can a noncustodial parent voluntarily give up parental rights in NC?

Yes, if the court allows him too. He will still have to pay child support.

Can a noncustodial parent give permission to their 16 year old to get married?


In the state of Oklahoma if a noncustodial parent gives up all parental rights to her child does she still have to pay child support or can it be dropped?

Courts usually only allows parent to give up parental rights if the child is being adopted. But if they would allow her, it would be for the custodial parent to decide whether they would need child support or not. If they need support from the state the state will go after the mother first.

You are afraid the noncustodial parent will not give your kids back to you? is what kind of search engine?

Can a custodial parent give temporary guardianship to the noncustodial parent without going to court?

No. Only courts can grant legal guardianship.

If you are the custodial parent are you required to give your child's social security number and other personal information to the non-custodial parent if you don't wish to collect child support?

If both of the parents have a joint legal custody arrangement, you have to give the noncustodial parent that information. If you have sole custody of the child, you do not have to share that information with the noncustodial parent.

Can a non constodial parent give up their rights in the state of tn?

see related question

Do you need to give up your rights for your child to visit out of state?

You as the parent can go wherever you want but if the child is going with you and the other parent have visitation rights or share custody, you will need their permission if leaving the state or country.

Can noncustodial parent leave child with his girlfriend and refuse to give name of who takes care of your child?

Absolutely not. This is dangerous and irresponsible. If it continues, you will want to return to court to restrict or discontinue the NCP's visitation rights.

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