Can a noncustodial parent in Tennessee obtain health information without custodial parent approval?

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If one parent has full physical custody and joint legal but the non-custodial parent has been MIA 4 yrs how can cust parent obtain approval for out of US travel?

Answer . \ncan you petition mother to come to u.s. if you were adopted in u.s.. Answer . \nThe custodial parent will need to obtain a court order allowing them to take the child outside the U.S. Without the permission of the other parent (which is obviously not possible) or a court order a pa ( Full Answer )

Can a custodial parent prevent the noncustodial parent from talking to their children on the phone?

Maybe, if the absent parent does not share custody in any manner and there is not a visitation order in place, a custodial parent can take whatever action he or she chooses in regards to a minor child.. However, courts do not look favorably upon any parent who does not allow the other parent to hav ( Full Answer )

Does a custodial parent have to tell a noncustodial parent if she moves or changes a contact number?

Answer . My question to you is why not? If the answer cannot be found in your final judgment or settlement agreement then do what any good parent would do, barring any domestic violence, injunctions, or other court orders and give the phone number to the other parent. Otherwise, provid the child ( Full Answer )

Can noncustodial parents claim kids for tax credit if custodial parent don't have a job?

Normally, the custody agreement would specify which parent could claim the child for tax. While one may expect the parents without income wouldn't care about additional deductions...for purposes of the child tax credit, income isn't needed - hence they get the credit as cash, not a deduction. The ( Full Answer )

Can the noncustodial parent keap the child not return to custodial parent?

No they can not. The key here is the "custodial parent" . You may be able to go to court. But if you keep the child and you are not the custodial parent and there is a court order saying the other parent is the custodial parent, all that person has to do is call the police, and the non custodial par ( Full Answer )

Can a noncustodial parent stop the custodial parent from moving?

This is hard to answer because there can be many variables involved. The noncustodial parent may contest the move and take the custodial parent to court to show cause. But it may not be possible for the noncustodial parent to actually prevent the move unless the move is out of state.

Can a noncustodial parent in NY obtain outside cheaper health insurance rather than employer provider insurance?

Are you required by te court to provide insurance to your kids?. If you are then it doesnt matter where the insurance comes from. If you can find a cheaper premium/better benefits from another carrier.. power to you! As long as the kids are covered and your not paying out a 5000.00 deductible then ( Full Answer )

Does custodial parent have to inform noncustodial of school activities even when he picks him up from school?

If the parents share legal custody of the child the custodial parent is required to notify the school that the other parent lives outside the home and provide his contact information so that the school can send him copies of important information. It is the non custodial parents responsibilty to re ( Full Answer )

How can you get custodial rights to your son if you are currently a noncustodial parent?

Preparation Preparation Preparation Keeping a daily journal of activities which can be use during testimony. Creating A Chronological Statement, or history of the relationship with the other parent and children. Don't lie!! Interviewing several attorneys and picking the right one for you, and no ( Full Answer )

How is child support calculated if the custodial parent earns more than the noncustodial parent?

Depends on whether it's the mother or father earning more and related issues to access. Marcia Clark, the OJ Simpson prosecutor earned nearly 5X more than Gordon and and they had joint custody, but he still had to pay child support. Her listed business expenses included clothing, shoes, makeup, and ( Full Answer )

Is the non custodial parent responsible for orthodontic treatment if the custodial parent started the child on a treatment plan without informing the non custodial parent or getting his approval?

You need to review all the documents pertaining to your divorce decree, separation agreement and any court orders regarding custody, child support, insurance, and uninsured dental and medical responsibilities. If the child's mother has custody she doesn't need your approval unless that is required b ( Full Answer )

How long does a noncustodial parent have to notify the custodial parent of a release of claim to exemption that the custodial parent previously released to the noncustodial parent?

Revocation of release of claim to an exemption. The noncustodial parent is NOT the ONE that has to notify the custodial parent. The CUSTODIAL parent has to do this. For 2009, new rules allow the custodial parent to revoke a release of claim to exemption that the custodial parent previously re ( Full Answer )

How to serve custody papers to noncustodial parent who is unreachable?

Your lawyer would be best able to answer that question. However, ifyou are unable to locate the person you may need to hire aninvestigator and if that does not work you need to search onnumerous platforms like Arny records, Phonebook etc. Do a duediligent search. If that fails to locate the person a ( Full Answer )

Is it legal for a custodial parent to put the name and SSN of the noncustodial parent on medical document without consent but bills sent to the custodial parent address?

This begs the question, "Is the child in question yours?" Obviously he is. There are a number of different ways to answer this, one would be to note just what sort of petty person you are. Let's just say that has been accomplished by you already, and move on. It is perfectly legal for anyon ( Full Answer )

Can a noncustodial parent stop the custodial parent from homeschooling?

If the parent thinks the home-schooling is not in the best interest of the child then they should request a court hearing on that issue. Home schooling in some cases may result in unacceptable isolation of the child and undue influence by the custodial parent. You should consult with an attorney if ( Full Answer )

What are the chances of a noncustodial parent getting physical custody?

That determination must be made by an experienced attorney in your jurisdiction who can review your situation, all the details of your case and explain your options under your state laws and your court system. There must be a good reason for a court to approve a change in custody. That determinatio ( Full Answer )

What are the rights of the noncustodial parent when the custodial parent has left the children with her family for 2 years?

The same as they would be if she hadn't. The situation you describe does not automatically confer any particular rights upon the non-custodial parent. The non-custodial parent could take this information to court in an effort to get the custody orders modified; the court will take this and other fac ( Full Answer )

What happens to the custodial parent if the child refuses to visit the noncustodial parent in Texas?

Contempt of court if the non-custodial parent pushes the issue. That can lead to fines, jail time or even custody modification depending on if the contempt becomes chronic. Texas law is unique in that the wishes of the child must be taken into consideration by the court if the child is 12 or olde ( Full Answer )

Does noncustodial have first right to babysit if custodial parent works?

This is a difficult question to answer. It depends on the details. If the non-custodial parent is temporarily unemployed then he could help out but it depends on the family history. If the child is already placed in a stable and convenient daycare arrangement that works well and the father would not ( Full Answer )

How old does a child have to be to stop visitation with noncustodial parent in Tennessee?

18. However the child is always free to make their wishes known to the judge, either in court when custody/visitation is being decided or request a modification to the original visitation order by requesting a meeting with the judge, writing a letter to the judge expressing their wishes, or engaging ( Full Answer )

Can custodial parent take child out-of-state for vacation without permission falling on noncustodial parent's holiday weekend?

No. The custodial parent is required to obey the visitation order. They should have made arrangements with the NC parent and obtained their consent. If they continue to violate the visitation order the non-custodial parent should file a motion for contempt of a court order and stay on top of it. The ( Full Answer )

Is a noncustodial parent allowed by law to bring a child to a doctor appointment without a custodial parent permission?

That depends on the circumstances. In an emergency, of course. For other situations you should consult with an attorney or an advocate at the court. That depends on the circumstances. In an emergency, of course. For other situations you should consult with an attorney or an advocate at the court. ( Full Answer )

Can a noncustodial parent take a child out of the state of Ohio to the state of Michigan and be legally granted full custody of a child without the custodial parent being notified?

No, and you would be breaking a ton of laws as you have to get custody rights first, and have the other parent either stripped of their rights or they have denounced their rights. Otherwise, a judge is definitely going to send you to jail for kidnapping and will just as likely deny any appeal for cu ( Full Answer )