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If acceleration means to increase in speed or pace, then a stationary object is static, without movement, without acceleration. But, if an object is moving at a constant rate, then I suggest acceleration is not present, unless, or until the objects speed increases.

Yes, an object with no acceleration may be stationary.

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When does an object have no acceleration?

When it is stationary, or when the velocity is constant. If it is speeding up or slowing down, it has acceleration.

Differentiate stationary object and accelerated object?

A stationary object is a object which is not moving or which have zero kinetic energy and a accelarated object is that which is moving withs some acceleration and have some kinetic energy.

What effect do forces have on a stationary object?

An unbalanced force imparts an acceleration to a stationary object. The equation is f (force in newtons) = m (mass in kilograms) times a (acceleration in newtons per kilogram).

A stationary object has?

0 velocity 0 acceleration The forces on the object are balanced: it is in equilibrium. (The forces are balanced on any object with 0 acceleration, even if it is moving.)

Is it true when acceleration is zero the object must be stationary?

No, acceleration is a CHANGE in speed, something with 0 acceleration while not changing speed can still be moving.

In what situations are acceleration zero?

Acceleration, which is the change of velocity over the change in time, will equal zero when there is no change in velocity. This can occur when an object is stationary or when an object is traveling at a constant velocity.

How do you get initial velocity without acceleration?

Define a moving coordinate system with respect to a stationary object.

What is the movement of a stationary object?

-- acceleration = 0 -- velocity (speed and direction) exactly equal to the observer's velocity

What is a stationary object?

Stationary object refers to an object that is not moving

Does a stationary object have a constant velocity?

Yes, it is constant at zero. I.e. there is no acceleration so velocity must be constant

What are stationary objects?

A stationary object is an object that doesn't move.

What is the speed of a stationary object?


What can force do on objects?

Force will move a stationary object. It will also increase or decrease the speed (accelerate or decelerate) of a moving object. The acceleration or deceleration is proportional to the force applied.

When an object is seen moving in relation to a stationary object the stationary object is calle the?

The stationary object is known as a frame of reference. The earth is a common frame of reference for humans.

It it possible for an object to be sationary while under acceleration?

"Stationary" means zero speed. The object's speed is not changing, and the direction of the speed is obviously also not changing.By definition then, acceleration is zero.

What effect a force has on stationary object?

If an object is stationary the net force is zero.

What is speed of a stationary object?

In the frame of reference in which the object is stationary, its speed is zero. (Actually, that's kind of a definition of "stationary".)

What happens when two balanced forces are acting on an object?

No acceleration occurs - if stationary, it does not move, if moving, it continues its original velocity (speed *and* direction).

Where does the energy go when a moving object collides with a stationary object?

It transferrs from the moving object to the stationary object.

How are constant speed and constant acceleration different?

There is a huge difference between constant speed and constant acceleration. Constant speed is when the object is travelling constant, no change in its velocity and acceleration or in other words no extra force to speed up. Constant acceleration when the object is acceleration constant, it means that the speed of the object is change at the same rate each second. The acceleration rate at which the object is travelling is constant. for example, when a car is stationary at a traffic light and it starts acceleration, picking up speed but the rate of acceleration will not constant because the amount of force applied differs each second due to the acceleration rate.

When an object is seen moving in relation to a stationary object the stationary object is called the?

A stationary object used to gauge the movement of another object might be called the reference. This could also be termed as the point of reference.

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