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Not very likely. You should have the oil pump output checked by a shop before using the car for any length of time. If the oil pump is not working properly, and you drive the vehicle much, you will be looking at a major overhaul or a complete engine replacement.

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What does it mean when your oil pressure gauge reads 80?

It does NOT automatically mean you have 80# of pressure! NEVER trust your gauges as being the 'last word'. They're notoriously cranky on some older XJ's. (Usually due to gauge cluster connection issues or harness oxidation.) Chances are that you have a defective oil pressure sending unit. Rarely the gauge goes bad. Remove the wire on the sending unit and see if that changes the reading. If it does, replace the sending unit. If not, I'd still replace the sending unit. After you confirm the oil pressure sending unit is good, check the oil pressure relief valve. It may be stuck closed resulting in high pressure reading.

Should you drive if your accelerator is stuck?

Stuck closed, you cannot. Stuck open, you are foolish

What do you do if you turn the key and the oil pressure warning light doesnt light up?

First step, confirm you have oil pressure with a Gauge (you can skip this step if you are 100% sure you have pressure). If you have oil pressure, Check the Sending Unit. (Somewhere on the engine, 2 wires going to it probably the same place you stuck the gauge) Check the sending unit by checking for continuity (Ohm) using a Multimeter. If you start the engine and the Resistance stays the same (OL or out of limits, no continuity) you have a bad sending unit, if the sending unit tests good (Low resistance), the light may be burnt out.

Is sediments that are stuck together by pressure called compaction?

Anything that gets stuck together by pressure is compaction. I.E., Snow.

1992 Subaru Loyale Stuck in 4 wheel drive front wheel drive 5 speed?

Did you find an answer my 93 is stuck in 4 wheel drive.

Can you drive your car if you have to replace the coolant thermostat?

If it's stuck open, yes you can. If it's stuck close, no you cannot drive the car.

1993 Honda accord fuel gauge stuck in high?

Change your fuel sending unit.

Why is your gas gauge in a 91 Jeep Wrangler staying at full?

Float in tank is stuck or defective gauge Sounds like the sending unit is stuck in the full position.

When vacuuming a pool manually what would cause loss of pump pressure?

When vacuuming a pool manually a loss of pressure can be caused by something getting stuck in the hose. A leaf or a large bug can get stuck in the hose and cause it to lose pressure.

Can a jeep Cherokee get stuck in 4 wheel drive?


I have a Sony ericsson phone and my messages aren't sending they get stuck in my outbox how do i get them to send?

you need to master reset.

Why is my 1991 gm safari fuel gauge stuck on full?

Probably your sending unit in the tank is bad.

2002 jeep liberty limited four wheel drive stuck in 4 lo?

2002 jeep liberty limited four wheel drive is stuck in 4 low how do I get it unstuck?

Fuel gauge always showing a quarter tank on a 70 Monte Carlo?

Sounds like the sending unit in the tank is stuck. It works kind of like the float in your toilet. There is a piece that floats on the top of the fuel and it is attached to a rod that goes to your sending unit. The higher the float, the more gas is shown on the gauge due to the position signal the sending unit is sending out to the fuel gauge. If it is stuck, it probably is best to have it replaced.

Chevy fuel gauge stuck?

The fuel gauge on a Chevy may become stuck if the sending unit is defective or become disconnected. Without a signal from the tank, the gauge will not move.

How do you get a 2000 ford explorer XLT out of fwd if it is stuck?

I have a 4 wheel drive Chevy Blazer 2001 that got stuck in 4 wheel drive, the only way I got it out was to put it into neutral and switch the 4 wheel drive button. It worked!!

How do you close a stuck open dining table?

They can get stuck when you apply more pressure to one side than the other side in trying to close gap. Suggestion, take a tape measure and see which side is too far in compared to the other side, pull that side out some till both table edges are an even distance apart. Now close using pressure on both sides evenly and slowly, if it stops release pressure and straighten it again, then try closing again with even (side to side pressure).

2000 Ford Taurus fuel gauge stuck on full what could be the problem?

either the fuel gauge needs replacing or the fuel gauge sending unit in the fuel tank is stuck

How do you fix the low fuel light that is stuck on in a 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis?

Fill the tank Does the gas guage read correctly? If not replace the fuel sending unit after you drive enough to empty the tank to less than 1/4 full

2004 gmc envoy stuck in 4w drive Can't go back to 2w drive?

Good Question

What causes a 2002 highlander gas gauge to be stuck on three quarters?

The most common cause for a 2002 Toyota Highlander's gas gauge to be stuck at three quarters of a tank is a faulty sending unit. The sending unit is designed to detect the current fuel level and relay it directly to the gauge.

What do you do if your truck is stuck in park?

Put your foot on the brake and move it into drive

What do you do when your Ford Expedition is stuck in four wheel drive?

Buy a chevy...

Dodge 1500 ram 5.7 is Stuck in 4 wheel drive unable to shift back to 2 wheel drive?

Take transfer case apart its stuck I'm doin it right now

1989 Corvette Fuel Gauge Reading full all the time?

Check the fuel gauge sending unit, located in the fuel tank. The sending unit could be stuck in the full position.

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