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NOT unless hes crazy OR one of you has the TITLE in his/her name. This would be a sticky place to be in. Better dot the Is and cross the Ts

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In a business partnership can my business partner be held responsible for all the debts of the business?

That depends on the laws of the country in which the business is set up and if the company is private or limited liability. If private then the answer is likely to be yes because the partners will be jointly and severally liable for the debts, the creditors will come after all partners but will seek to recover their money from whichever partner they can.

How do you remove a partner from a business license?

how do i remove my partners name off of the business license

Who were Scrooge's business partners?

Scrooge worked for Fezziwig when he was young, but his business partner was Jacob Marley.

What is a partner in charge?

In a business or commercial scenario - if a business is a partnership, one of the two partners will generally be named/elected/delegated as the 'Managing Partner' (Partner in Charge) who will be the front-man for all the business the company may transact. The other partner may assume some other 'low-key' position such as the financial and/or administrative (the so-called 'back office') duties.

What is a LLC company?

An LLC is a limited liability coporation which is, in essence, a partnership. The liability of each partner is limited to the amount they have invested in the company. If a partner invested 50% of the funding (or in some cases this is time invested), that partner is only liable for 50% of the debt of the company if it goes under or closes. There can be only two partners or a thousand partners. But each partner carries a risk equal to their investment.

What is the difference between a partner and an associate?

Companies, such as law firms, have a structure with partners and associates. The partners actually own a part of the company, and the associates work for them.

What happens if a partner dies or leaves a business?

do you file a k-1 if a partner leaves the company

Who was the life long business partner of Walt Disney?

His brother Roy Disney helped him run his business initially, but Walt had many business partners over the years.

What is a gold implementation partner?

A gold implementation partner helps companies achieve there goals and succeed their business. Partners can help make decisions and help with planning.

What are good characteristics in business partners?

Characteristics of a good business partner is someone who is humble. Who is willing to make adjustments where needed, and for varying circumstances. When looking for a good business partner look for an individual who is industrious, and enjoys his or her work. A good business partner is able to communicate effectively as well and isn't sensitive when corrected.

What is an Academy of Business Strategy Global Partner?

Global Partners come in three categories: - Associate Global Partner (AGP) - Executive Global Partner (EGP) - Senior Global Partner (SGP) Global Partners tend to be international specialists with commercial experience in specific cities and countries worldwide. You can find out more information about Global Partners by visiting the related link. Regards DB

What is the plural of partner?

The plural form of partner is partners.

Is the word partners a noun?

Yes, partners is a common, plural, abstract noun. The word partners is also a verb (partner, partners, partnering, partnered). Example uses: As a noun: Frank and Fran are partners in the jewelery business. As a verb: Frank also partners with Fred in a pawn shop.

What is the difference in a Partner and a Principal a business firm?

A partner is someone who has helped to start the business or who has a lot of stock in the company. A principal is someone from the outside who contributes information or services to the business.

When did William shakespeare start his own business?

He didn't really. He became a partner in the theatrical company The Lord Chamberlain's Men in 1594. He also was a part owner of two theatres. However, he was never sole owner of a business; he always worked with partners.

What factors are to be consider in choosing a business partner?

There are quite a few but it will come down to what you need the partner for. Do you need the partners money, business skills, technical skills, contacts, reputation or something else. Based on the why drives the what.

Name three resources that partners may combine?

The three resources that partners in business can combine include their technological and business acumen, their finances and their reputation. A well known name can drive in traffic to a lesser known partner.

How can a new partner be admitted in to the partnership?

All partners need to agree and usually sell a percentage of their share of the business The Partnership agreement will be amended incorporating the new partner.

How can I find an online business partner?

Well, if you are looking for business partners for your online business then join some online business partnerships program. Here you can find your online business partners for your business easily based on their profiles and work history.

What is joint life insurance policy Describe the accounting treatment of joint life policy upon death of a partner?

Joint life policy is an policy taken by all the partners of the partnership firm for avoiding the disturbance in business due to death or retirement of partners,so when a partner dies insurance company will pay the representatives of the deceased partner otherwise the assets would have to be sold which can led to disturbance of business.thus,JLP is taken...........

Can you get hpv from your partner if your partner had had no other partners?

No. If what your partner tells you is true, you should not get HPV.

What amount of Profit retention does each partner get in a limited partnership?

All profits go directly to the partners. The amount each partner will receive will be determined by the amount each partner has invested in the company and/or the partnership agreement.

Is partner a verb or a noun?

The word 'partner' is both a verb (partner, partners, partnering, partnered) and a noun (partner, partners); for example: Verb: Our plan is to partner with other neighbors to form a neighborhood watch. Noun: He was made a partner in the law firm.

If 4 partners create an LLC and one of the partners forms a different additional LLC and doesn't pay his loan can the loan company go after the four partner LLC for money?

The definition of an LLC is a limited liability corporation. And as such each partner has a very limited liability to the actions of other partners. If a scam is involved then an investigation will be launched into who was involved but as far as financials go I believe that the company will take the hit on a defaulted loan and not the partners own pockets.

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