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Can a parent 'kick' their 17-year-old out of the home in Michigan?

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Not without providing suitable living arrangements with a qualified adult and paying the necessary financial support until the minor reaches 18.

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Can a parent kick out a 17 year old in Michigan?

Can a parent legally kick-out their 17 year old in Michigan ?

Can parent 'kick' their 19- year- old out of the home in Michigan?

The age of majority in Michigan is 18. There is no legal responsibility after the child turns that age. They can have them leave.

Can a parent kick an 18 year old out of the house in the State of Michigan?

Yes, in Michigan a person is deemed an adult at 18 years old. Since this is the case, a parent can kick the 18 year old once the turn this age.

In Michigan can you kick an 18 -year- old son out?

Yes a parent can kick an 18 year old out of the house.

Can a parent kick you out in nebraska at age 18?

A parent technically can kick you out of the home in Nebraska at age 18. This is because you are technically an adult.

Can a parent kick a 19 year old out of the home?

Yea if they don't behave.

Can a parent force a child back to their home if that parent kicked them out?

Good question. Usually, most parents who kick their children out make it PERMANENT.

Can custodial parent kick out child still in school?

No a custodial parent can not kick a child out of school if the child is still a minor. If the child is 18 years old, the parent may kick them out.

Can a parent kick you out at 16 in Pennsylvania?


Can a parent kick you out when you are 18?


In Wisconsin can a foster parent kick an 18-year-old out of the home if still in high school?

You cannot kick an 18 year old out if they are still in highschool, but they can move out. You have to wait until they graduate to kick them out.

Can one parent kick a minor out if the other one says no?

Neither parent can kick a minor out of the house. As a parent both are responsible for the minor child until they reach 18.

What age can a parent kick their child out in NC?

At 18, but if the child is out of control or breaking laws they can sometimes be placed in a group home.

Can a parent kick you out of the house if your 17 and with a baby?

You parents can kick you out at any age. You also need to remember that the baby means nothing. Your baby is your responsibility, not theirs. You cannot use your baby to "anchor" in their home.

Can a parent legally kick out a 16 year old in the state of Indiana?

ca i get kick out at 16

How can you kick people out of their home in yoville facebook?

You can't kick people out of their home . You can only kick people out of your homes by clicking on then and selecting on kick player option.

What age can a parent kick out a child?

The proper age is 18

If your 18 and still in school and living with a parent can they kick me out?


What is the legal age a parent can kick out a child in Nevada?


Can your parents legally kick you out of their house at age 16 in Michigan?

Legally no.

Should you take your child to see kick ass?

not if you are a responsible parent.

What happens to a parent if they kick a minor out of the house?

They can be charged with child abandonment.

Can a parent in new jersey kick out there 18 year old?


Can a SC parent kick a 17 year old out of the house?

No, a SC parent cannot kick out her 17 year old child out of the house. The age of legality is 18/19 years old or after graduation.

Can your parents stop you from moving out if you are 17 in Michigan?

In michigan they cannot stop you from moving out at 17, they can also not kick you out until you're 18.