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No, it's the custodial parent's responsibility to see to that the court order is followed. If the visitation order is not followed the custodial parent will be in contempt of a court order and could eventually lose custody. It would be better to discuss the reasons why the children are uncomfortable about visiting and the try to address their complaints. The parents should try to get along and not alienate the children in any way.

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How do we establish a legal custody agreement for an unborn child in the state of Michigan?

A custody agreement will need to be done through an attorney for an unborn child. This will be presented to the judge who will decide what happens.

If a mother has custody of the children but does not live with them what can a non custodial parent who wants the children do?

The non-custodial parent can go to court and request custody of the children. A judge will decide which parent should be awarded custody of the children. The circumstances under which the children are currently living, combined with the reason(s) they are not living with you will be a big factor in whether or not you get to keep custody of the children.

What is required for change in child custody in Georgia divorce and custody was in state of North Carolina?

You will have to show significant change in order to change the custody agreement in North Carolina. Even if there are significant changes, it is up to the judge to decide the custody of a child.

At what age can your son decide he wants to live with you?

Actually the parents must come to a mutual agreement on custody if your son is a minor.

At what age can minor children refuse to visit non custodial parent in TN?

Minors are not responsible for those decisions. The custodial parent is responsible and is the one who will be held accountable by the court. The children don't get to decide that they can disobey a custody agreement at any age.

How the parents decide on who gets custody of any children of the marriage?

Ultimately, the parents don't decide that - the court does, taking into consideration the basic character of the two parents.

Is joint custody in a courtroom better or worse than settling a custody dispute yourself?

The best method is of course working it out together amicably without having to get a Judge to decide for you. You can turn an agreement into an order by submitting it to the court.

Can a 14 year old decide she doesn't want to go see her father for the Court-ordered 6 weeks in the summer?

either party to the custody agreement can ask for reconsideration of the terms, and the child has a right to be heard but the judge doesn't have to side with her, the judge can still order the 6 weeks.

If you have temporary sole custody of your children can you and your children move in with your boyfriend while the case to decide permanent custody is pending?

Yes, legally you may. Will the judge hearing the custody case look favorably upon such action is a bigger question. Speaking from professional experience, judges do not care for such arrangements especially when there are minor children involved.

Can a 10 year old deceide which parent they want to live with in Arkansas?

No. If the parents cannot come to an agreement the court will decide who shall have primary physical custody.

Does a father in nc have to give back his child to the mother in sc if no court order custody is in place?

No, both parents have equal rights to the child. If the child is currently living with the father, then he has established temporary custody. A court will need to decide upon a formal custody and child support agreement.

What is the age of consent for divorced children in custody issues in florida?

Minors can not decide who to live with. That is up to the parents or the judge. In some states the judge can hear what the child wants but is in no way obligated to follow that wish. The children can decide where to live when they are 18.

Can you legally leave your house and live with who you want with your grandparents only having temporary custody?

That means they have custody of you and decide over you. Your mother also decide over you and she can end the temporary custody whenever she likes. So you can not decide anything until you are 18yo.

What Bonanza episode do they say Children are the peacemakers?

Blessed Are They is the episodes where it is said that "children are the peacemakers." Ben is asked to decide which of two feuding families will have custody over a pair of orphaned twins.

Can a 10 year old decide which parent they want to live with in the state of Idaho?

No. A minor cannot be the one to decide with which parent they live. If the parents can't agree on which one has custody, a judge will make the decision during a custody suit. This applies to any children under the age of 18 years.

Can children choose to live with the father if unhappy with their mother's custody?

That depends on custody laws where you live. Providing your country/state of residence would be very helpful, but generally, children cannot decide with whom to live until they reach the legal age of majority wherever they reside.

Does a Michigan court grant a divorce with no child support agreement?

WE must first remember that the couple when filing for divorce and child support agreement , must have children . The state of Michigan court will then decide.

Can a 13 year old decide who to spend holidays with?

No. Or, more accurately, they can decide whatever they want, it's just that their decision doesn't necessarily have any legal impact.Custody is determined by the custody agreement. Period. You could petition for it to be changed, and the court will probably take the child's wishes into account, but they're certainly not obligated to do whatever the child wants.

What should you do if you want sole custody of your children?

Go to the courthouse and ask for your case to be heard. Then present your reasons in front of a judge, and they will decide whether they are good enough to warrant restricting or removing the other guardian's custody rights.

How do file for temporary custody?

You have to file at your local Cout House for temporary custody of a child. The court will decide if you get temporary custody or not depending on the circumstances. Temporary custody can be contested in court.

Best way to divorce your wife?

Before you decide on divorce take time out for yourself (go on a weekend trip) and be sure this is what you want. If you are still considering divorce and if you own you have children (will have to come to a custody agreement); own your own home; vehicles or other properties you would be wise to see a divorce lawyer.

Who decides children's custody?

Usually the Court would decide that.

Can your 17 year old daughter decide to live with you if her mom has custody?

If you live in the US, no, she can't just decide that on her own. Mom either has to agree to it or you have to petition the court for a change of custody.

My father was not look after me from my birth I am 13 years boy now he wants to give divorce to my mother and wants child custody but i was not interested to go with him is it possible?

It depends on the laws in your jurisdiction. Generally, in the United States, if your parents can't make an agreement about custody the judge would have to decide. In some states the court will listen to your wishes but are in no way obligated to follow them. Your father may get shared custody and a visitation order. You can not decide fully who to live with until you are 18 years old.

How do you sort out finances when your husband leaves you?

* The best thing to do is see a lawyer and your husband's lawyer and your lawyer will decide who gets what and if any children are involved who they will live with or if there will be joint custody.

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