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Q: Can a parent make their runaway child come home in CA?
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Can a parent report your underage daughter to the authorities for not coming home and staying with an older boy?

Assuming the parent is reporting their own child (the question isn't necessarily clear on that), and the child has yet to return home, yes. The parent can report the minor as a runaway, and the authorities will escort her home.

Is it illegal to harbor a runaway in Iowa?

Iowa Code § 710.8 makes it illegal to harbor a runaway. It is an aggravated misdemeanor to do so. A person shall not harbor a runaway child with the intent of allowing the runaway child to remain away from home against the wishes of the child's parent, guardian, or custodian. However, the provisions of this subsection do not apply to a shelter care home which is licensed or approved by the department of human services.

Can a child ask for child support if he ran away from home and he's 17 in the state of texas?

No. The child support goes to the parent who have custody to use to pay for the child. it does not go to the child directly. A runaway has no legal right to run away and if caught by the police they will bring him home. Just because you have not returned home does not mean you are allowed to stay away. If they have reported you as a runaway, anyone who helps you can be charged with helping or harboring a runaway with severe legal consequences.

Should a single parent stay at home with their child?

Im not sure. The husband might come looking for you (no offense or anything). I did. But I was the child not the single parent.

What happens to a runaway that is from a different state and goes to Arizona?

They go to a foster home. And the parent goes to jail and gets every child taken away.

How do you get a teacher to come to your house to homeschool your child?

Homeschooling is when the parent helps their own child complete their schooling at home.

Can a sixteen year old be a runaway in Washington state?

A 16-year old can be a runaway in the state of Washington. A child is cannot leave their home without the parent's permission until they reach 18 years of age.

Do you get child support if you are 16 and have moved out of home without your parents' permission?

i wouldn't try because if you didnt have permission to move out your parent can press charges against you for runaway but i do belive you can get your child support and if you call child support and tell them you moved out the parent that was receiveing the support will lose it.

Can a seven teen year old Michigan runaway be forced to come back home?

Yes, they can be returned home. Or they may be put into the child welfare program.

Can a parent make their 17 year old come home at 10 00pm?

A parent can try to make their 17 year old come home at 10:00pm but the child can chose to do whatever they want.

Can a underage teen parent leave home without being filed as runaway in Oklahoma?


If the child refuses to come home and the parent knows where he is at is he considered a runaway in Washington state?

That depends. Is he just having fun at his friend's house or something like that or does he actually want to run away? If the second statement is true, then....I think so.

Can an adult encounter legal problems if they allow a 16 year-old runaway to live in their home?

Yes. This can be considered kidnapping or custody interference. If a runaway child knocks on your door allow him to come in and feed him/her, but call the police immediately. Do not take the child back home-- it may be abusive.

Can you run away from home in Arkansas and live with parent in Georgia?

No. It's illegal to harbor a runaway so your parent would get into trouble.

Can a parent or law enforcement force a seventeen year old runaway to return home?


Does a child have to visit a parent who is not home and boyfriend has to care for the child?

If it was planned the parent would not be home all day, no. But if we are talking about babysitting for a few hours until they come home from work this should not be an issue. You should discuss the situation with your attorney. If the parent is not present during their scheduled visitations with the child then perhaps the visitation schedule should be modified.

Can a child leave home at 17 and not be a runaway?

Yes if he has parental consent or get emancipated.

What age can a child leave home without being considered a runaway?


If you run away in Massachusetts at 17 can they force you home?

Massachusetts has a conflicting law when it comes to a 17 year old leaving the family home. The law states that a 17 year old cannot leave home, a parent cannot force a 17 year old to leave their home nor can a parent give permission to a 17 year old to live elsewhere. The 17 year old may runaway from home but the police will not force the child to go home yet the parents are still financially, medically and legally responsible for the child. The child can choose to enter the parents home and leave again if they wish and the parent can do nothing more than report child as a runaway. If the child is using drugs or alcohol or mentally ill you can petition the court for a 30 day commitment. The only option to alleviate parental responsibilty is to appoint child a guardian.

If your were taken from your home by SRS and put into foster care but you weren't adjudicated can you get in trouble if you leave with your parent's permission if your parent still has full custody?

Your parent no longer has full custody, it was taken away, so you would be a runaway, and they would be harboring a runaway.

If a child lives with one parent can the other parent who does not live in the same home claim that same child?

Not on taxes no. The parent the child lives with has the main right to claim the child. But if that parent can't or doesn't want to then the other parent can

Which is the smart choice when you realize that the parent of the child you're babysitting might be intoxicated and she is ready to drive you home?

Suggest that you call your parent to come pick you up.

Is it child abandonment when a parent drops of a child at the aunts home?

no is not you dumboos

What happens in missouri if a 16 year old runs away from one parent to be with the other parent?

The child will be repporteed as a runaway and anyone who helps her will be charged with aiding a runaway which is a federal crime. The parent she runs to will be charged with kidnapping and lose all parental rights if he does not immidietly send the child back. So if you want a good realtionship with your parents don´t run away. It is also possible they put you in a foster home if they feel you can not live home without running away. No one will trust you if you do this.

How do you runaway from home?

You open the door run out and dont come back