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A parent (or gardian) can press charges for touching their child anywhere, (feet, hands stomach etc) Is it a sexual act? In societal norm today the foot fetish is not that uncommon. Proving the accused does have a foot fetish, that may be a bit hard to prove. But reguardless of where the accused touched the minor child, if "you" as a parent feel it was inappropriot, then by all means press charges, nothing may come to it, but at least its on record. Now, when can a parent press charges or "not" that I am unclear of. As far as I know, a parent can press charges on anything they deem inappropriot to their child or children when touching is involved, perhaps lewd act on a child or minor? Im no attorny, I'm just taking a stab at it. * Individuals do not "press charges" they file complaints. Complaints are then referred to the prosecutor's office and then it is decided whether or not the person who alledgedly commited the act should be arrested and charged with a crime. The first step is for the parents of the minor child to contact the state's child protective services for assistance.

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Q: Can a parent press charges if someone gives his or her child a foot massage?
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