Can a parent transfer house deed to minor son?

You would need to check your state laws regarding conveyance to a minor. Generally, you can convey real property to a minor but once the title is in the minor's name costly problems can arise. If the property will simply be occupied by another who will maintain it and keep the taxes paid until the child reaches the age of majority it may work. However, if the property must be sold or mortgaged, or if the property owner is sued, the court would need to appoint a guardian to act as the legal agent for the child. During that process the court would need to appoint a guardian ad litem to study the situation and report back to the court to determine what would be in the best interest of the child. Legal costs would be incurred. Another problem could occur. The child can renounce the property when she reaches the age of majority. If the original grantor has died this situation would also require court involvement. You should discuss the matter with an attorney who can advise you about other options.