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Can a permanent resident with a valid green card request a fiance visa for his or her foreign fiance?


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yes u can,but its a really long process.

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Not automatically. After being married to a US citizen for two years the legal foreign national spouse can apply for citizenship. Visit the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service website for specific information.

There is a lot of paperwork involved! Even if you married a US resident or even citizen that does not make you a us citizen. In fact, you could get into a lot of trouble if they deem that you purposely entered the US to get married to become a US citizen. Although it is possible. Your spouse would have to be a permanent resident or US citizen for you to become a permanent resident. The US prefers you marry (in our out of the US) then the permanent resident or citizen applies for your entry OR the US citizen of Permanent Resident applies before for you to enter the US and then you get married in the US and apply for Permanent residency. Great site I found as my husband immigrated from the UK on a Fiance visa. but what if you don't have a date of birth I also, and may be wrong, but if it is deemed that you married to create a citizenship or legal residency, that might be unlawful and you could get into trouble. Though, a lot of military marry women in foreign lands which brings them here. Which is a lot different then someone unlawfully doing so. The US doesn't exactly make it a point to extradite spouses.

You should be able to get married in the US, for under a work permit the fiance is legal and has many privileges that a resident or citizen has

It took my wife and I about 2 years just to get her greencard. You will have the citizen test to go through, and with all the other red tape wrapped around it, the process could run about 15 years.

my fiance came to America with out a visa and i wanted to know what can i do to make him legal here with out sending him back to his country??

Yes a K1 visa is classified as a non imigrant visa. It allows a non US citizen to come into the country to marry his/ her US citizen fiance. After the two are married, the non US citizen receives permanent resident status from the department of homeland security.

The feminine of fiance, is simply fiance.

How does a none immigrant fiance apply for a none immgrant fiance?

Effective June 26, 2013, an American citizen may apply for a fiance(e) visa for a same-sex fiance(e). The US federal government will also allow an American citizen to sponsor a same-sex foreign spouse for permanent residency, which can eventually lead to US citizenship. Same-sex marriage becomes legal in England on March 29, 2014. In the meantime, there are several US states that permit same-sex couples to marry and it is not necessary to be a resident or citizen of the US to marry here.

rihanna does have a fiance.

im auctually doing this right now, we tried to get my fiance to get his tourist visa to meet my family here in America but that was a failed attempt, so we will get a viance visa , i will start the petition next month, and on emergency it can take 6-8 months but that is for like a pregnant fiance wants to have their child in USA or a family member that is a resident is dying or something on average it takes about 13 monthsbest of luck to you~!

First you have to get married and get legal. The best and most recommended way is for the U.S. citizen to file for a fiance(e) visa for the immigrant first. If you go directly to the USCIS, tell them that your fiance(e) is still in his/her home country and not already in the U.S. illegally. Then when he/she enters with his/her fiance(e) visa, you, the U.S. citizen have 90 days to get married. After getting married the now immigrant husband/wife can file for Permanent Resident Alien Status ("green card"). After about 3 to five years after that he/she can apply for U.S. citizenship if he/she wishes.

that means the girl of fiance

The best way is to get married to your fiance in the US or country of origin. This qualifies you for the K Nonimmigrant visa with which you can then apply for permanent residence.

He would be your fiance. Example: This is my fiance John.

You have to make PERMANENT lifestyle changes to your diet and exercise habits. Hopefully, your fiance will join you - especially if he wants to lose weight, too!

You can marry here and is probably best as they will not let the fiance enter the US until the paperwork is finished. As soon as you get married here in the US apply for his/her residencency and Do Not Leave the country without a Re-entry visa or Alien Resident card.

Femenine- fiancee Male- Fiance

Fiance in Spanish is novio

He never had a Fiance, he only had girlfriends.

Tagalog translation of fiance: kasintahan

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