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Q: Can a person appeal their civil case?
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Can you appeal a civil court case?

Yes you are able to appeal a civil case. You cannot appeal a case because you don't like the outcome though. You may appeal due to judicial error, new evidence etc.

Can you appeal the verdict of jury in civil case?

In a criminal case, the defendant can appeal a verdict of Guilty; however the government may not appeal a verdict of Not Guilty. In a civil case, both plaintiff and defendant may appeal the finding of the jury if that finding is adverse to their claims.

What can you do if someone blatantly lied about me in a civil case?

If it affected the outcome of the case, you can appeal the case.

Do you have any appeal recourse for extremely incompetent legal representation in a civil case?


How much does it cost to appeal a civil case in California?

It depends on the case. The major costs for appeal are attorney fees and the costs involved in re-producing the record. There is no set cost.

The complaining party in a court case is the?

In a civil case they would be the plaintiff.In a criminal case they would be the prosecution (the Crown).In an appeal they would be the appellate.

Can you appeal a criminal case?

Yes, If the convicted person is un-happy with their conviction they may appeal to 'The Court of Appeals'.

What is the ability of one court to be the only court to hear the case?

a case comes to a court if they have a final ruling then they can. If the person in the case is not happy with the results they can get an appeal and go to a higher case but its rare that people get an appeal.

In a civil case what is the person bringing the case called?


What is the term refers to the person who files a lawsuit in a civil case?

in a civil case, the name of the person who files the lawsuit is called the Petitioner

Who is the person that files a civil case?

The person that files a civil suit is known as the Petitioner or the Plaintiff or the Claimant.

How long do have to file an appeal in a civil case in Michigan?

not long about 5 years and 12 months and 30 days

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