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Can a person be allergic to a kitten?

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"Person's_Kitten_Allergic_Reaction">Person's Kitten Allergic


The kitten may carry ringworms in its fur, a sickness we can't

notice until we find mottled growth visible on our own skin. All

cats between being small kittens and adults all faced the tiny

living horrors such as they are that jump over grass, and take

refuge underneath decaying wood. There would be a day where one of

'em fly into the cat's fur and the kitten begins scratching its

hair. While days become nights, the cat would still scratch and

reach for that untouchable spot where nobody cannot find the itch

at their back and mend it. The flea would have its home, during

which the kitten goes mad fighting over its misery.

But then sometimes, we can assume parents will pass down their

hereditary transferring down to the cat, don't we? So I'd go with

guessing if we're not careful, we might be affected by illnesses

from feral cats and dwelling cats nowadays mostly because we've got

bugs who love roaming around behind someone's deserted house that

has overgrown shubbery that needs to be mowed...I won't be too


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