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Yes. Some never have symptoms and their HIV never develops into AIDS.

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What role do the following play in educating the public against the spread of the HIV Virus the government the church the home

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Q: Can a person be infected with HIV for 15 years and not know?
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Can you get HIV from an infected person's sneeze?

You won't get HIV from an infected person's sneeze.

Impact of HIV on an infected person?

Impact of hiv/aids on a infected person

Can kissing an HIV-infected person infect you?

Kissing an HIV-infected person will not infect you.

Can you get HIV from a non infected person by semen getting into the blood stream?

No. If a person is not infected with HIV, you can not get it from that person.

How long can you carry the HIV virus before systoms start?

It is possible to be infected with HIV for many years without knowing. The only way to know if you are infected is to get tested. HIV does not cause a person to exhibit reliable signs or symptoms of infection.

Can a healthy looking person be infected with HIV?

Yes a person can look healthy and be infected with HIV.

Can you get HIV from a muastrubation by HIV infected person?


Is there HIV in semen?

If the person is infected with the HIV, then HIV will be in the semen.

Can you get hiv or aids from drinking from an infected person glass?

No you can not get HIV or AIDS from drinking from an infected person glass.

Can you get HIV by kissing a person that's infected?

You will not get HIV by kissing someone that's infected.

Difference between HIV positive and carrier?

A carrier is a person who carries HIV but does not get infected by it.HIV positive is a person that has HIV and gets infected by it.

Why might a person think that they did not get infected with HIV?

Someone might not know they were infected with HIV because early infection often has no symptoms. Both the patient and the one who infected him or her may have no idea that they were at risk.

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