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Q: Can a person be taken off an auto loan and if so how?
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Can the cosigner be taken off the auto loan contract if stated and the loan is in good standing for 12 months?

No the co-signer is on for the life of the loan

Can you pay off your auto loan to the lender?

Yes when you pay off your auto loan the payment should be made to the lender. In fact all auto loan payments should be made to the lender who financed the loan.

What are auto loan rates used for?

Auto loan rates show the person receiving the loan the amount of interest a receiver will pay for the loan. A high rate will mean that it will take longer to pay off due to more money needing to be paid for the interest.

Can you pay off a auto loan early?

Yes you can pay off an loan as early as you'd like.

How can you get off a auto-loan as a co-signer?

The loan needs to be re-financed and be assumed solely by the person who originated the loan. The original person will need to have a worthy credit rating in order to escape the need for a co-signer.

What is grantor?

what is the responsibility of a grantor, putting up security example car if the person that has taken out the loan has not paid the loan off in full what is the responsibility of a guarantor

What can you do if you co-signed an auto loan and three months later you want your name taken off?

The only way to be removed is to have the loan refinanced by the primary borrower without the participation of the cosigner.

If you want to pay the auto loan amortization schedule off early are there any early settlement charges?

There are usually no early settlement charges if you want to pay an auto loan off early. There will be charges if you pay an auto loan off later than scheduled.

If the cosigner is refusing to refinance or pay the auto loan off how could the primary person on the auto loan remove his or her name?

They would need to have the vehicle refinanced in their name only or obtain another cosigner for the refinancing.

Are there penalties for prepaying a bad credit auto loan?

There are no penalties for prepaying a bad credit auto loan. It is beneficial to pay off the loan sooner or on time.

What exactly is a loan auto calculator?

An auto loan calculator helps in figuring out the amount of the monthly auto loan payments and the paid-off date if all payment are made, based on the auto loan amount, term, interest rate, and start date. It can also help figure out how extra payments change the paid-off date.

What is required for auto refinance?

A auto refinance loan is basically a loan you take out on your vehicle that pays off the loan that you have already taken out on your vehicle. The new car loan will be at a lower interest rate, for a longer period, or both. The concept is somewhat similar to home refinancing your but the process isn't nearly as complex and it's usually much faster.

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