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No you must first expunge your criminal conviction before applying for a bus driver or limousine driver in New Jersey.

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Q: Can a person become a New Jersey transit bus driver with a criminal record?
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If you had a drug poss charge can you still become a New Jersey transit bus driver?

You can but you will have to get the charge dropped or expunged to give yourself a better chance to get the job. Not saying all NJT Bus Drivers records are 100% clean. If not there is always Academy or Coach USA or Greyhound.

Can you become a NYC taxi driver with a criminal record?

Yes. If depends what type of crime was comitted and how long ago.

What qualifications would one need to become a limo driver?

There are five main qualifications to become a limo driver. you need a driver's license, chauffer's and commercial license, a good driving record, a clean drug and criminal background, and confidentiality of passengers.

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can anyone drive a company transit van if they arenot employed by the company

How much do bus drivers make in New Jersey Transit?

They make 10 dollars an hour. I live two miles from the coastal area i take the bus every day to work, my aunt also works as a bus driver.

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How do you surrender your NJ driver's license?

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