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Yes, as long as 100% of the money is reported and paid to creditors.

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Q: Can a person buy machinery from a company that went bankrupt and garnisheed wages?
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Which term is assigned to a person or company that is reduced to a state of financial ruin?


What to do if a person bought a car but did not finish paying for it then moved out of state?

You Get Bankrupt Or You Lose Your Insurance Company

What is the correct definition of a bankrupt person?

A bankrupt is a person who cannot pay his or her debts.

How would you use the word bankrupt in a sentence?

While some people went bankrupt in the 1890s mini depression, many businesses went bankrupt during the Great Depression.She felt emotionally bankrupt because of her drug addiction.

What term is assigned to a person or company that is reduced to a state of financail ruin?

A person that is in a state of financial ruin in bankrupt. They can be in a reorganization or in debt forgiveness.

Can an elderly person go bankrupt?

Certainly, an elderly person can go bankrupt; there is no age limit on bankruptcy.

Correct definition of a person who is bankrupt?

A person who can not pay his or her debts

Where do you get a manual for a Regal auto breadmaker model 6760?

Manuals will help a person learn the machinery. A person can get a manual for this bread maker from the company or at the time of purchase.Ê

What is a person who designs makes or works with machinery?

A machinist works with machinery.

A person who is unable to pay his debt?


How do you use the word bankrupt in a sentence?

A person bankrupt money from the bank, so the polices were trying to find him.

What is the meaning of morally bankrupt?

A person is morally bankrupt if his actions display a complete disregard for ethical values or principles.

What happens to a bank loan when a corporation goes bankrupt?

The company still has to pay it off, it might even just rest on the owner's, or the person who took it out, hands.

What happens if NASCAR goes bankrupt?

Well, NASCAR maybe purchased by another company or person. It is too big to just give up on. Someone will buy it.

Can a bankrupt person sign a lease for business?

yes they can

Choose the correct definition of a person who is bankrupt?

a person who cannot pay his or her debts

What is the definition of a bankrupt person?

A bankrupt person is one who cannot pay his debts. Bankruptcy laws sometimes allow indebtedness to be legally discharged when it is unlikely to ever be repaid.

Are other properties protected if you file bankruptcy on one property?

Bankruptcy applies to la legal person (such as a real person or a company) not to a property. When going bankrupt all the assets of the legal person are liable to be seized to settle the debt.

What is the name given to a person who repair of machinery?

The name of someone who repairs machinery is a machanic.

What is a person who fixes machinery?

A mechanic.

Does a person paying crimina restitution criminal to a company continue to pay if the company goes bankrupt and no longer exists?

You will still owe the restitution to SOMEONE. In any bankruptcy there is a receiver who handles the apportionment of debts and assets. Your restitution payment would be considered an asset to the bankrupt company and, unless the bankruptcy court discharged your debt, you would probably have to continue to pay the full amount due.

What is a limited company?

A limited company is a corporation, In legal terms the company or corporation is a separate person from its investors. If it goes bankrupt, its investors lose their investment but cannot be pursued for the corporation's unpaid debts. Their liability is limited to their investment--hence, "limited" company.

What is the role and function of stock broker?

A stockbroker is a person or company who buys and sells stocks on behalf of another person or company. Stockbrokers make a profit by charging a commission off of the purchase and sale of stocks. A stockbrokers profit can vary, they may be very rich or go bankrupt

Can a person buy a house after he is bankrupt with cash money?


What is the noun of bankrupt?

The noun 'bankrupt' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a person, a business, or an organization declared by law as unable to pay outstanding debts; someone or something completely lacking in quality or value; a word for a person or a thing.The word 'bankrupt' is also a verb and an adjective.