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That's a good question. Don't ask me.

to form a political party anywhere in the world you MUST be a resident of that country

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Who was the second person to create the helicopter?

I believe Lawrence Bell was the second person to create a helicopter after Igor Sikorsky

What political party did Abraham Lincoln help create?

Abraham Lincoln helped create the Republican Party. He was the second person to be nominated for President by the Republican Party and the first Republican to win a Presidential election.

Which European country became the second country to be industrilzed?

Technically the second country to be industrialized was Germany, although at the time it was not one political unit yet. The Ruhr Valley in Westphalia was called the "second Britain" in reference to the fact that it was the second part of Europe to be industrialized after Great Britain. So in truth, Westphalia was the second country. In terms of still-extant political entities, Belgium was second by technicality via the region of Wallonia.

Second person who create a car?

The second person who built an automobile was Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot. He built it in the eighteenth century, and he worked for the French army.

What country was the dominant military and political force of the second century?

In the second century it was the Roman force that was powerful both in their military strength and politically as well.

What is the second smartest country in the world?

The second smartest person is probably Stephen Hawkins for the country United Kingdom. Or people think it is either Japan or India

Who was the second prime minister?

This depends on the country, and whether one is speaking of the position Second Prime Minister, or the second person to be the Prime Minister.

What does a second passport mean?

a) Some countries allow a citizen to also maintain citizenship with another country. Such a person could have a second passport issued by the second country. b) In some circumstances a country will issue a citizen a second passport. This can be to disguise identity but usually to hide from an immigration official in one country that you have traveled to another country the first county has rancor over.

Which country is the second biggest country?

Canada is the world's second-largest country, second only to Russia.

Which political party is most educated?

The Communist Party, because communism is a scientific economical and political doctrine.Second Opinion:A political party cannot be educated. The people in the party can. Perhaps your question should be:..."Which (insert country here) political party has the most college graduates as members?"

Second-largest country in the world?

Canada is the second largest country in the world.

What country is the second smallest country in the world?

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world.

What does second class citizen mean?

A second-class citizen is a person who is systematically discriminated against within a state or other political jurisdiction, despite their nominal status as a citizen or legal resident there.

What is second person in English?

The second person in English is you and yours. When you use the terms you or yours, you are speaking in second person.

What is meant by second person?

The second person is by definition the person to whom I, the first person, and speaking.

Is France the second largest country in the world?

France is not the second largest country in the world, it is, however, the second largest country wholly in Europe.

What is the second largest christian country in the world?

Brazil has the second largest Christian population of any country, second to the US. Greece has the second largest Christian percentage of any country, second to the Vatican.

Is you second person?

Correct, the word you denotes the second person.

Which pronoun is assoiated with second person?

The pronoun for the second person is you.

Which is the second largest country in the world?

Canada is the second largest country in the world

What is second largest country by area?

Canada is the second largest country by area.

Worlds second largest country?

Canada is the world's second largest country.

What is a country with v as the second letter?

There is no country whose second letter is V.

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