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Q: Can a person donate blood if they have Hep C antibodies?
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Can a person with Hep-c donate organs?

Yes, patients with hepatatis C donate organs, but the recipient must be fully informed of the risks and benefits.

If your spouse has Hepatitis C and you never were infected could you donate blood?

Not at BioLife, I was there today!~ My husband had a positive years ago and now has negative blood tests, no longer has Hep C and I cannot donate, sounded like they meant I can NEVER donate again, putting me on a list??

Can people with hepatitis A donate blood?

The answer is no, you can't, but I have never been able to find out why. I had hep A way back in 1990 and have been fine ever since. I wish I knew the answer to why I can't donate.

Can you contract hep c even after your spouse started treatment?

You can contact Hep-c at any time. You get hep-c from blood to blood contact. If the woman is in her period, then either partner can catch it from sex. Otherwise, hep-c is not caught from sex. To catch hep-c, there must be blood to blood contact. Treatment has nothing to do with it. As long as there are virus particles in the patient's blood, a person can infect other people. Hep-c differs from AIDS. With AIDS, if a person sneezes and that sneeze hits the wall, oxygen will destroy the HIV virus immediately. The HCV virus can live for a week. The only good part is that it has to enter through a cut.

If you have hep c can you have a baby?

You can have children have children of course,is it safe?Well pregnancy is not contraindicated in hepatitis C infected women, as the perinatal transmission from mother-to-baby occurs in less than six percent of all cases.Babies born to positive mothers should be tested for anti-HCV one year after birth. So in most case yes it should be safe!It is under 5% chance of the baby contracting hep C in the western world. Blood to blood contact only occurs within the birthing process - there is no sharing of blood via the placenta. So it is considered low risk.There is a risk of birth defects if the mother was/is on ribavirin, one of the drugs used in the treatment of hep C. Please be aware of that.Also, all babies born to hep C positive mothers will contain hep C antibodies for the first 18-24 months of life, so there is no point in testing the baby until after that time period. After this, only the babies with hep C active in their blood will show antibodies.

How did Alexander Fleming's work hep prevent desieses caused by micro organisms?

by discovering antibodies

Can you get hep c or hiv from snorting drugs?

You can ABSOLUTELY get Hepatitis C from snorting drugs as Hep C is a blood to blood transmission and if someone has Hep C and uses the straw with some blood in their nose and then passes it to you and you have cuts or open blood places in your nose that IS a blood to blood transmission. Hep C is only transmitted sexually if BLOOD is shared in your sex act. Hep C does not die when it hits the air, it can live up to 4 days. HIV dies as soon as it hits the air which is why it is sexually transmitted. Yes you can get Hep C by sharing needles but you can also get it INTRANASALLY so don't share straws, rolled $$, etc

Is hep b transmitted through air?

Nope... It's transmitted from person to person via contact with infected body fluids (blood, saliva, semen etc).

Can you catch hep c living in a household with a hep c person?

There has to be blood to blood contact. I lived with my signicant other for a year and a half and didnt get it until I told him I was leaving him and he intentionally infected me. I have spoken to people that have been married for 10+ years and one is neg the other pos. You just have to be careful with your partner.

Can you get hep c from using a needle with your own old blood in it? long as it is only your own blood on the needle (it was a sterile needle before you used it) and you were the one getting stuck. You can only get hep C if someone else who has hep c used the needle before you did.

Can you catch hep c from urine?

No. Hepatitis C is a blood-to-blood transfer.

Can you give blood if you have hepatitis c?

no you can't. Hep C is spread through blood.

Can a person with hep c work in food?

Hepatitis C is a blood disease. As long as they have no cuts or open sores, they are able to work in food and beverage industry

What pathogen can live in dried blood for weeks?

Hep. C

Can you can get hepatitis c from your own dirty needle?

Think about it. Hep C is contracted from contaminated blood or blood products. If the needle is used only by yourself and you don't already have hep C, you can't give it to yourself. The answer is no.

What bodily organ can hepatitis affect?

Hep C affects the liver. Many people have hep c and don't even know it. It is transferred from blood to blood contact. Long term it can cause liver failure.

How long does it take hep c to kill you untreated?

It takes about 10 years, if untreated, for Hep C to cause death in the person who has it.

Hepatitis A is transmitted by what?

Blood. You can also get Hep A from mononucleosis.

Do steroids show up in a hep b blood test?


What is CRP?

I was treated for hep c 3 years ago with harvoni. A recent blood test showed I was reactive to the hep c test. Is this normal

What is the difference between hep c and hep a?

These two types of hepatitis are acquired differently. Hepatitis A (and E for that matter) are acquired by the fecal/oral route. This means that people get them from eating food that is contaminated with the virus. This is seen a lot in 3rd world countries that have poor sanitation. Hepatitis C is transmitted through the blood. Usually this is seen in IV drug abusers and in people who get regular blood transfusions. It is worse than Hep A and can lead to chronic infection, then to cirrhosis, and finally to liver cancer. So bottom line: Hep A is transmitted by the fecal/oral route while Hep C is transmitted through blood.

All units of donated blood tested for?

Type your answer here... hep B

If you are tested for hep b Can you detect cocain in the blood after two days?

Yes, but most likely they are not running a tox-screen on you if they are testing you for Hep B, so don't worry about it.

Who is the only person in the world with Hep C?

Mr Pettit

Could you give a part of your liver to anther person even though you have tretable hep c if they don't drink?

cought part of a liver with hep c be donated is person getting said part did not drink alcahole