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You can sue anyone. The court may or may not agree with you and you may or may not be able to EVER collect, even if you win. In legal terms, "Sue", just means to ask. When you "sue" someone, you are just asking the courts to force someone to pay you. If the individual is in England the courts may decide that there is no way they could enforce anything they decide.


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A citizen of Rome is typically a person who was born and raised in Rome. However, if a person moved to Rome and has the legal documents to prove they are a citizen, this person is also legally considered a citizen of Rome.

He was born in Essex England, and moved to Maryland at the age of seven. He is still a citizen of England, and has not applied for joint on full citizenship in the U.S.

NO because they werent born in the US they just moved there .

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An immigrant is someone who has immigrated from one place of origin to another, such as a person living in Japan for 20 years and has moved to England, this person is called an immigrant. A person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another. An immigrant is a person who moves from one country to another to live there. A good immigration service is , they offer a range of citizenship-by-investment programs which enable you to legally apply for irrevocable citizenship and passport in another country.

Nash was born in South Africa, but when he was 6 months he moved to Canada. So he is a Canadian citizen, not an American citizen.

The Pilgrims' ship blew off course and landed in what is now Massachusetts. (New England)

I was born in Wales and then i moved to England.

Anyone can be moved. Knowing a person can be moved is no reason for lack of trust.

1484 - He moved to Bristol of England.

The first citizen of the United States to be canonized was St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, also known as Mother Cabrini, who was born in Italy but moved to this country and became a citizen. The first native born United States citizen to be canonized as St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

No. A birth certificate is issued after you are born, usually in the city and state where the birth took place. Barack Obama's birth was recorded in Honolulu, Hawaii, for example. A certificate of naturalization is provided when a person who is an immigrant decides to become a citizen, passes the tests and takes the oath. My maternal grandfather was born and raised in Lithuania, for example; but when he emigrated and moved to America, he decided he wanted to be a U.S. citizen, and he was issued a certificate of naturalization. A naturalized citizen of the United States is one who has become a citizen, after being born in another country. A "natural born citizen," on the other hand, is one who was born in the United States and did not come here from another country.

When a disease can be moved from person it can be known as an Infectious disease, a Transmittable disease, or a communicable disease.

He was born in Genoa moved to Venice and then moved again in 1490 to England.

No, he has not. He has lived in another country-- Indonesia-- where he moved with his mom and step-dad when he was six years old, and remained for four years, before returning to Hawaii (where he was born). But he has always been an American citizen and that has never changed.

No, he was born in Germany but moved to the US and became an American citizen.

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