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not likely, since you ovulate around the middle of your cycle.

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Q: Can a person get pregnant when she has sex right after her menstruation?
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Is there a chance to get pregnant 4 days after the menstruation?

you can get pregnant at anytime if you have sex(even during menstruation or even if you use "protection").

Will you be pregnant before menstruation?

It depends .. If you have sex and you get pregnant then you'll still get your period .

Does unprotected sex delay menstruation?

Yes if you become pregnant.

Sex during menstruation?

its messy and there is still a small chance you can get pregnant

Can a girl be pregrenat on her period?

No, a girl cannot be pregnant on her period. If a woman is pregnant then menstruation doesn't occur. Also a woman cannot get pregnant during menstruation - although she can get pregnant as a result of sex on her period.

Can a women get pregnant in the second day of her period?

A woman cannot get pregnant on her period as there is no egg present to fertilise. A woman can however get pregnant as a result of sex during menstruation as in the right conditions sperm can survive for up to a week, by which time menstruation could have ended and she could have ovulated.

Is it possible to get pregnant when sex on third day of menstruation?

There are less chances. But it is possible.

Can you get pregnant when you're 12?

Depends if the girl had sex and had started her ovulation/menstruation cycle prior to having sex.

If you have safe sex while on your period will you get pregnant?

As with all sex, the chances of falling pregnant are lowered when having safe sex. Having your period means the time of menstruation also lowers the chance of falling pregnant. However, there is no guarantee that you will not get pregnant.

Can a person get pregnant 1 week before their period If it is not during your fertile days is there still a chance?

Yes, one may still get pregnant the week before menstruation.

Can you get prengant your period come?

It is biologically impossible to menstruate while pregnant - however it is possible to experience vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, which you might mistake for menstruation. It is biologically impossible to get pregnant during menstruation - however it is possible to get pregnant as a result of sex during menstruation as given the right environment sperm can survive in the vagina for up to 7 days, by which time you may ovulate. You may mistake ovulation bleeding for menstruation.

Can you get pregnant the day after your menstruation goes off even if your not ovulating at that time?

When engaging in sex there is always the risk of getting pregnant ...

Can bisexual girl be pregnant?

Yes. They have the same functioning organs and menstruation as other women, so they can get pregnant if they have sex with a man.

Are women fertile after menstruation?

Immediately after menstruation it is possible to get pregnant. It is even possible to get pregnant during menstruation, though very very very unlikely. It is always possible for a woman to get pregnant as long as she has a healthy, pre-menopausal, post-pubescent, fully functioning uterus and is having sex with a man in a similar situation. However, women are more likely to get pregnant right before their period and less likely to unlikely to get pregnant during or after their period.

Can a girl get pregnant in her mensurations?

Menstruation? and the answer is YES you actually have a better chance during menstruation than not. Kinda gross time to have sex though....ew.

Is it unsafe to have intercourse 8 days after last day of menstruation?

You can get pregnant any time you have sex.

Can you get pregnant while using menstruation pills and you have unprotected penitration sex?

As soon as a penis enters a vagina, no matter what you have done, you CAN get pregnant.

I have irregular menstruation what's the best sex tip for me not to get pregnant?

use protection (pill, patch, condom, diaphram, etc) or not have sex.

Do you get pregnant if you watch sex vedio?

No. The only way to get pregnant is to have sex with another person.

4 months since sex you have normal periods?

I don't understand the question. Unless you are pregnant after unprotected sex you should have normal menstruation.

Is it safe for sex on 5 days before and 5 days after the menstruation?

Well its easier for a girl to get pregnant before her period, if u have sex.

Can you get preggnant on your period?

No, it is biologically impossible to get pregnant during your period as there is no egg present. BUT it is possible to get pregnant as a result of sex during menstruation, also not all vaginal bleeding is menstruation. Unless you want to get pregnant you should always use birth control.

Can a woman be fertilized during her period?

No, a woman cannot be fertilised during menstruation - it is biologically impossible to ovulate during menstruation, however in the right conditions sperm from sex during menstruation can survive for up to 7 days by which time a woman may ovulate and thus get pregnant. If a woman doesn't want to get pregnant she and her partner should always use birth control.

Can dry humping cause an increase in menstrual blood?

Dry humping, masturbation or having sex with another person can not change menstruation in any way (unless you get pregnant through intercourse).

How long can you check if you are prgnant after IUI?

after an IUD insertion was taken out and then you are back to your menstruation then you had unsafe sex then there is a possibility that you will get pregnant .